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Friday, May 5, 2023

Akari Suda: Just because who else deserves more posts?!?! .... the ninth encore version....


 The Spring 'Girls Award' show was held yesterday, many of my bigger faves were there and was hoping to have a few posts today of them. However for some reason it's been difficult to get many photos from the show so won't have any posts for today with those faves though there should be a couple over the weekend. Have no clue if Akari has ever appeared at one of those huge fashion shows but am thinking the answer is NO. Will check that out after writing this up and if she has been at one of those shows that'll be something you'll see in her next post.

 The title of this post is right on the money!!!! Know there's many others I also say deserve more posts but to me Akari is #1 in that category and as the years have gone on my adoration for her has gone through the roof! Akari is getting close to forty posts which pale in comparison to many others but twenty have ben done the last two years, had she another twenty or so can honestly say she would have been my number one woman on that 'Top Twenty Faves of All Time' list. This is her sixth post since December 1st so for the third time she's qualified for the yearly faves list, last year Akari was in the seventh position and in 2018 was my second biggest fave of the year!!!!

 Akari's post are never all that popular but seems she does have a core of fans here. To me her posts are always terrific but I could be a bit biased saying that 😍 , she was in the seventh position on that all time list and unlike most on the list think she has an excellent chance of moving up a couple of spots when a third list is done in 2026. All Akari's posts have a good mix of things, some that are brand new and also many others from the past that had never been in a post. Will start off with some oldies that are some SKE cards from 2017, wish there were a few more like the bottom one! **** Speaking of SKE I need to start following them a bit more closely again. To me their singles in the 2010's were all superb and only C-ute could top them. The problem has been that most of my bigger faves from the group have graduated and don't know many of the current members. Most seem to be in their twenties so let me start checking them out again and perhaps you'll see a few posts coming up.

 Back in March Akari released her first solo calendar and there was a mini event for it today, also a mini amount of pics as it was a very low key affair. At first wondered why it took her so long to have an event for the calendar but it was because she was in the "Bumblebee 7" play until the end of April and she had the lead role, the top two pics are from the calendar.

 As mentioned always have a good mix of new and oldie things in Akari's posts. Here's some pics from another event, checked her 2018 posts and these pics were in none of them. The event took place on October 17, 2018 with a pair of SKE mates, the trio were promoting a photobook called "SKE48 Costume Encyclopedia Zenryoku Sifuku" which had photos of the uniforms the group wore for their singles up until then. After the pics check out a video of the event.


 Akari graduated from SKE at the beginning of November, three days after her 31st birthday. In December she had one of her top ever magazine spreads but that's been her final one to date. I really hope we see her doing more gravure spreads or even doing any kind of modeling as to me you don't need all five fingers on a hand to count the total women who are more alluring than her! So for her recent posts have been going back in time to feature an older spread which I'm sure 99+% of you have never seen before. So let's go back to the Stone Age(!) for this fabulous set that's nine years old and is from the April 11, 2014 issue of Young Magazine.

 We've hit the end and when that happens you know there will be a huge amount off her IG pics! Though there's rarely any gravure ones I think Akari has the best IG photos of anyone I post about and these are all from April. When I get the inspiration will go back through her older posts and pull out my top hundred or so for some sort of 'Greatest IG photos' post. Forget if this was in her last post that was done in March, even if it was the video after the pics deserves an encore viewing! It's a promo one for the "Bumblebee 7" stage play and doesn't Akari look too perfect for words.... whew.....

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