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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Shiho Kato: Her appetizing eleventh post!!!!


 As most fans know Shiho's first photobook is coming out next month and how long have I been clamoring for that?!!!! But in a way I'm kind of torn about it, yes I do want her to have a book but on the other hand it wouldn't have bothered me if she never had one as I would have liked her just as much though perhaps more so now with this book. The top pic is from the book and while there will be many swimsuit/lingerie pics that photo just may end up being my #1 from the book, will end the post off with more promo pics from it. That second pic is from Hina's group photobook and if there's many like that in her book.... gulp....

 Hope to have two posts for Shiho next month, would think there would be some new magazine spreads coming out soon to promote it plus an hoping for an event. Have about eighty new pics for today and could have made this post even larger but am holding back a few things for those possible posts. First off are some Hina cards and there never are enough of them, first eight are for New Year's while the bottom three are for their latest single "One Choice". Been a while since the last Hina group post but promise to have at least one by the end of the month.

 Have a few recent photos here from Shiho's IG page, think some are from the photo shoot for the book. She was the first Hina member to open an IG page which she did on her 24th birthday, that was on February 2, 2022.

 Shiho has been a long time model for the CanCam magazine, some terrific new pics from their site. Some of these appeared in their May issue which I'm not going to have today, think the pics from their site are much better. 

 After the announcement was made about Shiho's first photobook she hosted 'Showroom' to promote it. Have that video which is from their April 27th show and sure she'll be hosting it many more times to plug the book.


 To date there hasn't been any magazine spreads to promote the book, sure there will be soon. So let's go back five years for this spread that's from volume 3 of Girls Plus. It's not a solo Shiho spread as she's joined by another Hina member, it's a main reason for having this set. That's because it features Yuka who will be graduating very soon, she too has a new photobook. Have never done a solo post for her so my second promise this post is to have one for her by the end of the month.

 Every Hina post has promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game. Have some superb ones for Shiho, four pics each from April and May.

 On May 4th the Spring 'Girls Award' show was held at the Yoyogi National Stadium Gymnasium in Tokyo. Of course Shiho was there, she always looks super duper though at times a bit too conservative but that's also the case for most '46' members. She took her stroll on the 'Top of the Hill' stage and there aren't any decent solo videos.

 Will end off with some promo/outtake pics from Shiho's first photobook, to date no member has had two of them. The photo shoot took place in Guam, first time in eons that a book has taken place outside of Japan and it will be released on June 20th. Do have a few more photos which you'll be seeing in her next post. At the end of April Hina opened their second YT channel and I like this one quite a bit as it will mainly have solo videos of the members. After the pics have Shiho's first video though it does feature some other members.

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