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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Nana Owada: Who better to end a month off with?!!!!


 Well, there a few who could be better choices for the final post of a month but not all that many. Nana is truly one mega fave of mine but it's been so difficult to do posts for her though should have another in two weeks. At one time Nana was also a massive favorite of you viewers as in 2019 she was the second most popular woman here. But the last few years that's changed as the views for her posts have really dwindled and that could be because there haven't been more of them. 

 Nana's first post was done seven years ago which was for the "Sailor Zombie" drama, actually her first eight posts were for that series. This is her 36th post or 28 regular ones which averages out to be four a year and how I wish that total was doubled or tripled as she really gets my blood boiling like so few others do!!!! Last year Nana just had two posts and she's been known to disappear for long periods of time, wonder what she does for those long stretches? So that could be the main reason for her drop in popularity and why she never finishes higher on any of my fave lists. 

 On June 15th Nana will be releasing a photobook titled "Encounter". It's to celebrate ten years in the entertainment field, she won't be turning 24 until September. So am holding back two mini magazine spreads that are promoting the book and would think there may be another one or two of them coming up. Plus I expect that there would be an event around the 15th so am hoping that's when her next post will be. 

 So even though I am holding back two spreads there still should be about eighty pics for this post. First off are some recent photos from Nana's IG page, she's never been one to post many but I think these all look terrific.

 Do have a pair of newish mag spreads with this first being from the May 2nd issue of Flash, it does have some promo pics for the upcoming photobook.

 Whew, that bottom pic above does make my imagination run wild! Have one more new Nana spread that's from the May 9th edition of SPA!.

 Am going to have an encore viewing of Nana's tremendous WPB February 27th spread and there's some good reasons for having it again, of course one is how sweltering she looks!

 That spread was to promote a Nana digital book called "Moso Lovers" that had come out on February 6th by the WPB magazine. Hadn't posted it yet but here it is, Nana looks so steamy though wish there were more than 44 pics but after the pics is a must watch video from the photo shoot.

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