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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Rena Moriya: Hopefully this marks her triumphant return.... part two!!!!


 This was a case of.... When I want to do a post for someone nothing is going to stop me!!!! I like Rena immensely as she was #8 on last year's faves list, think you viewers may like Rena even more as her posts for 2022 had the fifth highest average as far as views go. But it's been difficult to do posts for her as of late, this is just her fourth since last October. Three have been regular posts like this one and Rena's other one was done in March for her first photobook. That was one popular post, haven't looked at other popular posts but that could be in the running for the post that has the highest amount of views this year. 

 Shame we only get to see pics like that when a member has a photobook, whew!!!! Rena's last regular post was done on February 13th and while she is a busy woman there really aren't as many new pics for today as you would think. About 55 and Keya as a group has also been quite busy this year though lately it's been hard to do posts for them outside of a few members, Could be my laziness too and will work harder the next few months on posts for the group who are my current #1.

 Think the Keya posts will start increasing soon as it was announced three days ago their sixth single under the new Sakura name will be released on June 28th. No info on it yet save for the title which will be "Start Over!" and the Senbatsu line up will be announced this Sunday on their 'Soko' variety show so will try to have a post sometime next week. Rena was the center for Keyas last single "Sakurazuki" that came out in February. Sadly at about 400,000 copies sold it's been their lowest selling single and I thought the tune "Cool" should have been the main song off the single as that's one of their best songs to date. Will begin off with some recent IG  pics, she posts a lot of them but not enough solo photos.

 Rena will be in her first drama which begins on June 22nd and is titled "Let's get divorced" though she won't have the lead role in it. No regular new magazine spreads for today but do have one from the Tokyo Calendar web site as she was one of their 'Women of the Month' for May.

 The Spring 'Girls Award' show was held on May 3rd, five Keya members were there but Rena wasn't one of them. However she did appear at the March 3rd 'Tokyo Girls Collection' Spring show that was held on March 4th at the Yoyogi National Stadium Gymnasium in Tokyo, Rena took her stroll on the Re:Sexxy stage.

 Last but certainly not least are these fabulous promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game. Each month has four pics, in order they're for May, April, March and February. No recent Rena solo videos but think that may change soon for most members. That's because on May 3rd Keya opened a second YT channel and it appears it's going to feature mainly solo videos of the members. Rena doesn't have one of those yet but after the pics do have her first video at the new channel which has two other members.

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