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Sunday, February 4, 2024

SKE48: The award winning debut post for.... Haruka Kumazaki!


 Name it.... TV, movies. sports, books, mangas, magazines, etc., there seems to be an award for most everything these days save for Blogs! Not that this place would be in line for (m)any accolades but sure a few of these posts are deserving of some worldwide recognition! During the 2010's would say after C-ute SKE may have been my favorite J-Pop group, even over AKB and Nogi. Did do many posts for them up until mid 2019 then they kind of quickly ceased save for one member. To me it seemed SKE did so little from late 2019 until late 2021 but upon further reflection because of what had taken place so many other groups were silent too.

 That means the good thing about these posts is that they will feature mainly newish pics and info, it being so early in 2024 of course most things will be from last year. No current member will have a lot of solo posts but will try to do as many as possible over the next few months, they have a single coming out at the end of February. So I'm glad about getting back into SKE and last night did view their older video's DVD, hard to top those 2011-16 singles. One other positive is that SKE is an older group as most members are 22+ in age, another positive is that though there have been some major graduations over the years they're much more stable than Keya and Nogi.

 Have no clue whether these solo posts will be popular but the one done two days ago for a graduate has been well received by you viewers. I've liked Haruka for a while but like so many members there wasn't much to post about her for so long. So if she does have some fans out there this will be an epic post for you as there will be close to a hundred pics, obviously all will be new for here and all are from the past year. Haruka is one of the older members as she's 26 in age and August 10th is her birthday. 160 cm is her height and she hails from Aichi which isn't far from Nagoya where SKE is based out of. She's had two solo concerts and while she hasn't been the center for an A-side she's had that honor for three coupling songs. Though I do like Haruka quite a bit this may be her only solo post for a while but you will be hearing about her in group posts.

 There's 87 photos for this post and almost all are from the past year except for a few with an older mate of hers. Let's begin off with some IG pics, tried to pick out the best from the past five months and so many are of her eating! The bottom two are of Haruka at a race track last October and she is an avid fan of horse racing. Hope she doesn't need to join GA but does like to wager some of her hard earned yen at the track, but she has had some winning days and last August hit a Trifecta at the track which netted her 168,000 yen or $1,140!!!!

 Unlike most 46/48 groups SKE still has a lot of cards, here's some of Haruka's from 2023 and there were many more than these.

 Did say that Haruka hails from Aichi and so doesn't her old mate Akari, no way there could be an SKE post without mentioning her! Have some pics of the duo but was unable to find the video of them at a hot bath, it was probably too steamy! But do have a video after this batch which is from pic #5 and the June 10, 2019 SKE Tokai radio show which was a bit entertaining, subs would have helped.


 Last August 9th Haruka released her first photobook, it was the day before her 26th birthday. Have a pair of magazine spreads that featured outtake pics from the book and the first set is from the July 11th issue of SPA!.

 Haruka looked mighty fine in that second to last pic, the other spread is also from SPA! and their August 8th issue.

 "Hyoujou Girl" is the title of the photobook and the pics for it were taken in Hokkaido. Not as many gravure pics as most Idol books but Haruka looked superb to me, it sold about 4,500 copies in it's first week out. Top three pics below are the covers and also have some promo ones for the book.

 Will end off with these photos from an event held on August 13th for the book. You can't embed SKE music videos so after the pics is one of Haruka from the event.

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