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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Iori Sagara: Her scorching new "Spa Girl" digital book plus slightly more


 If it seems she has a post every week you wouldn't be wrong with that thought as this makes eight in a little less than ten weeks! Am writing this up on Saturday to get ahead of myself, hopefully can wait until Tuesday before hitting the publish button. When a woman has so many posts in a short amount of time try to ease back as too much of a good thing isn't truly a good thing and those posts tend to become less popular. But that hasn't been the case with Iori as you viewers are like me and just can't get enough of her! After today still have two more digital books to post along with a pair of new magazine spreads so these posts will be continuing on for a while. Iori has been non stop with her activities since August and keep expecting a slowdown which hasn't happened, at this pace she'll set a record for most posts in a year.

 Will start off with the two 'slightly more' things with the first being these new ones from Iori's IG page and I really like that third photo. But it's the first two that are more important and on February 24th she will be making an appearance at Hinako's fan club event, we need her to become more busier. Wish she would look more closely at how successful Iori's gravure career has been and wants to become a model also!

 To promote the newish digital book Iori was he cover girl for volume 17 of Spa Girl, think there's an issue about every three months and this came out in December.

 Iori will be in a stage play opening at the end of the month so hoping there will be an event for it so her next post could be a regular one with a bit more variety. Needed the above pics as this book isn't all that large as it contains just 43 photos and was released by the Spa Girl magazine on January 19th. Iori does have a YT channel and uploads many videos of her photo shoots but sadly not this one.

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