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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Miku Tanaka: A little bit of this and that....


 That top photo is brand new and gets an A++++ from me, it's a 'clean version' of the mag cover that will end this post and that second pic is fairly darn good too! Except for a handful of women still am struggling doing posts though have been able to have at least one post a day. Haven't brought it up for a while but there was something I had mentioned a few times in the past. Which is what will come first, me ceasing with this blog or that there are no more women to post about? Have no idea how much longer this blog will be in existence as I never dreamed this would be going on for close to thirteen years. But in my opinion think the second question is more on the money and how many women that I post about now will be around in five years(?), would have to think very few.

 Have started to become extremely bored with most of the current J-Pop groups and Idols but will save those thoughts for a different post. I will never get tired of Miku though and can't call her an Idol any more these days. She does have one final HKT activity which will be her graduation concert in eight days, that's a group who still does put out decent singles. To the relief off me and many others Miku will be continuing on with being a gravure model and have an ultra terrific new mag spread for today. She's also concentrating much more on her acting career and did do a pair of guest appearances on a current drama. She'll also be having the lead female role in the "Cinderella Complex" series that begins on March 1st. Though 22 in age Miku will be playing a high school student who is having an affair with her teacher, his wife has discovered that and vows to take revenge! So that sounds like a interesting show and if it gets subbed I would check that drama out.

 Not too large of a post as Miku just had one four weeks ago but I enjoy doing these for her and have about forty new pics for today. Did mention that Miku will be doing more acting and until yesterday hadn't realized she had starred in a 2021 movie. It's title was "Mama's Hometown" which was released on December 16, 2021 and below are some photos from the premiere. It was the second film in a series to promote Kumatmoto prefecture and the home base for HKT isn't too far from there.

 There weren't any graduation cards for Miku and she never had any after August. I was kind of disappointed there was no second photobook and the last few graduations for my fave Idols have been a bit quiet. Do have some brand new Miku pics from her IG page, she has said she enjoys drinking beer and looks like she's had a few in the photos!!!!

 Cosplaying is something we've never seen her do and I wouldn't mind that though she had a few semi ones last year for Halloween. Miku is popular here though her last two posts have drawn only a so-so amount of views so many may have missed this spread that was in her last post. It's from the February 5th issue of WPB and no Idol the last two years has appeared on more magazine covers.

 Oops, almost forgot to include this small set of sweltering pics which are advance ones for the next issue of BLT Graph and of course she'll be the cover girl.

 Will end off this somewhat mini post with this dazzling new spread from the March 5th issue of Flash. To me this is one of Miku's best ever spreads and isn't be looking much more mature(?), she will be turning 23 in a little over six months from now. After the pics is a video for that above WPB spread and don't think it was in her last post. For as many gravure spreads as Miku has done the last three years she's really only had two videos from any photo shoot.

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