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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Nene Shida: Her extraordinary second photobook "Neene~" scans!!!!


 Here's an amazing post to begin February off with and don't think it will be topped! Not just this post but Nene herself as I don't need all five fingers on a hand to count how many women top her in my book!!!! Wrote this up last night and as of now don't have any other posts to write up so hopefully something will happen in 24 hours. EDIT: Actually have thought of a series that I had planned on doing but had forgotten about, let me work on post #1 for later on today! Last year was not the best for regular photobooks, the quality was superb but there were so many fewer or at least for my favorite women. Personally can't think of one year where so few books came out, only about ten for the three '46' groups and only six of those were from members who I post about. There was an excellent PB from an AKB gal and a pair from two Morning Musume members but that's about it for Idols. Hate to say it's by default but would have to say Nene had my top photobook for 2023, she was followed closely by a Hina member and the AKB book. 

 This is Nene's second regular photobook though of course she's had over twenty digital ones. This was released last September 10th, her first came out on July 15, 2022 which was her 24th birthday. I don't always believe the sales figures from Oricon as they seem to undercount sales. This book was in the top ten for sales for two weeks selling about 5,000 copies. However there were two reprints for the book after September so obviously the book did sell well and why not as how many women in the history of the Earth have topped Nene's hotness?! Very few and she remained in Japan for the photo shoot as it took place on the island of Okinawa. The past month has been a bit slower for Nene, do have one new magazine spread but that's about it for recent happening. But Nene will be in a stage play that opens next week so perhaps there will be an event for it plus there is a "Kamen Rider Geats" movie coming out this Spring. That was a long intro and lets get to the pics which total 101, no need to tell you how overly perfect Nene looks.... has there ever been a time when she hasn't?!

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