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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Iori Sagara: Her resplendent second newish 'Flash' magazine digital book


 Did get inspired to have one more post for the final posting day of February, will have the other a bit later on and it will be one of the best of the month! Nothing shabby with this one either and have mentioned n the past how they type of posts are often streaky, Could have a 7-10 day period where Idols dominate the posts, then there's quite a few for dramas and actresses. We're currently in a busy period for gravure models and their digital books, still have at least five new ones that need to be posted. There were so few in December and January but that changed this month and does the time of year play a factor in when books are released?

 Whew, that photo right above wasn't too far from being my top one from 2023, whew again! There's been so many posts for Iori these past six months, usually when that happens people get tired of her and the views for that woman's post go way down. That hasn't been the case for Iori and will have at least two more coming up in March. One will be for another new book while the other will have much more variety such as a pair of new mag spreads. Also am hoping for some event pics and such as Iori has a new stage play opening up tomorrow, she's been in three of them since October. Besides the newish book also have this spread from the September 5th issue of Flash. Though the book didn't come out for four months it does feature some outtake pics from it.

 On January 23rd the Flash magazine released two Iori digital book, have already posted the other one. I have never seen a gravure model as busy as she has been since last July and sure no one, including me, is complaining as every book and spread has been overly tremendous!!!! There's 62 pics in this set, Iori often posts videos of her photo shoots at her YT Vlog but didn't do so for this one.

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