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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Miku Kanemura: Her cold shower inducing.... "Triangle" photobook scans!!!!


 Miku is one of those rare woman who doesn't need to dress scantly to get us(me) running for a cold shower as she always looks so fabulous. You readers agree with me as she was the third most popular woman here for 2023, she finished second on the yearly faves list and would say she has an excellent shot at being #1 for 2024! Have been a bit down on groups and Idols the last few weeks but Miku is not someone I'm talking about as I like her more than ever. This is volume 02 of the Triangle magazine but at 130 pages it really is a photobook as it's included on the Oricon photobook charts. In it's first week out it sold close to 61,000 copies! The first volume featured Nogi members and did post the pics for Haruka as those too were so fantastic! Besides Miku there are two other Hina members in this book, one I will post the pics for in the near future, the other member is a bit too young so will pass on her. Whew, with photos such as the next one will we ever see her have a second photobook?

 The only Miku pics for this post will be the ones from the book though there are 59 of then so that's quite a few. Do have some other recent things but thought Miku fans would enjoy having two medium sized posts so her next one should be on March 3rd. The previous day she and four other Hina members will be at the Spring/Summer 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show so hopefully there will be many superb pics from it. This book was released on January 23rd, there were a pair of group pics which are at the top and Miku had the back cover, 46 photos in all. But there were thirteen promo pics that weren't in the book and were just too terrific not to include so that means a total of 59 photos. There's no regular videos from the photo shoot, there are a few on YT but they're only 15-20 seconds and I would love to see a five minute Miku video from a photo shoot.... so wouldn't all fans!!!!


  1. Even fully clothed, Miku is still one of the hottest Hina girls, if not the hottest.

  2. Can't argue with you saying Hottest as I agree 100% though not just from Hina but all current Idols!!!!