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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Kanami Takasaki: Her eagerly awaited yet very belated first intro post!


 Have 'dropped the ball' a few times when it comes to introducing a woman, this one here by far sets a personal record for being belated! I've known about Kanami for over four years, towards the end of 2020 was going to begin posting about but obviously that didn't take place. Then a few times over the next two years every time a post like this was going to be done seemed something else came up and put her posts on the back burner. Then finally last June was going to start on these posts but that was a period when Kanami was a bit quiet, the only stretch for five years where she took a semi-long break. But she's back now and there are some silver linings to being so late with her posts. Over the last three years have accumulated at least a dozen digital books, one regular book, about 25 magazine spreads and some regular modeling pics. This has been a hard stretch for me as far as creating posts go so in a way she'll be my savior as I wouldn't doubt if there will be at least twenty posts over the next three or so months.

 Will confess that Kanami is my kind of woman 😍, can only think of a handful who are more attractive and hotter than she is so hope she also becomes a huge fave of you viewers. Though there may be twenty or more posts coming up will space them out so no one gets tired of her but am planning on having her second intro post tomorrow. Kanami is slightly old for a newbie as in July she'll be hitting the age of 27, can go back five years with her things but don't know if I'll be doing that. She hails from Yokusuka City which is south of Yokohama, her height is 160 cm which is 63 inches. Though Kanami mainly does gravure modeling she's done many guest appearances on dramas and has been in two films. She also does regular modeling and you'll see those kinds of pics in future posts along with more bio info.

 These posts won't be going in any kind of order, today's has many recent pics from the past two months. After today the next post could be for a 2021 digital book, then the next for 2022 mag spreads and so on, whatever I feel like doing that day. Usually try to keep intro posts medium sized to spread them out but this may be a large one today and have a feeling(hoping) Kanami will be vey popular here. First off are these pics from the past two months from her IG page, some are from a new Maly Moon photo shoot and will have those pics coming up soon.

 Kanami must have 25 digital books, will post many of them but not all. She does have two regular photobooks and her second was just released on January 25th. It's title is "Blooming Bud", many pics here from the photo shoot.

 There was an event held for the book on January 13th at the Akiba Amusement Hall in Tokyo, have some truly ultra sharp pics from it and.... WHEW!!!! The photo shoot took place in Hawaii, do have her first book which you'll be seeing somewhat soon.

 Did say I have 25 mag spreads for Kanami, that was just an estimate and it could be higher than that! Will have a pair of them for today, she's often the cover girl plus her spreads tend to be fairly large. First set is from the February 13th issue of SPA! but it doesn't feature any pics from the photobook.

 Said that Kanami is often a cover girl but didn't have that honor for either of these spreads. Last up for today is a super duper set from the December 4th issue of WPB, three of the pics are from the photo shoot. There were no videos for either spread but do have a new one after the pics from the Dolce magazine and Kanami will be in their next edition.

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