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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Kanami Takasaki: Her second exhilarating intro post!!!!


 That first intro post done less than a day ago has drawn a decent amount of views, it often takes a while before a woman becomes popular here. Did mention that you may be seeing twenty or so posts for Kanami as I blew it badly but not introducing her sooner though I've known about her for so many years. But won't bombard everyone with an avalanche of posts as I'll spread them out and will try to wait a week for Kanami's next post. Was thinking this will be the last time I'll title one of her posts as an intro one and instead say what it's about such as photobooks, mag spreads, a time period, etc.

 Since early 2019 Kanami has been one busy woman though last year seemed to take close to a five month breather which is why I didn't introduce her at the time. But she's back to being a very busy woman, that first intro post had about eighty current pics and know she has at least two upcoming mag spreads with another digital book so these posts will hop back between older and newer things. In that first post did give some of Kanami's bio info such as that in July she'll be hitting the age of 27 and she hails from Yokosuka City. She's also an actress and has made many guest appearances on dramas though no full time major roles yet, she was in a December stage play.

 Know I'll be enjoying doing these posts for Kanami and I hope she does become a popular woman here. Mainly have some older pics for today but will begin off with some photos from her IG page that came out last October and November, before that is when Kanami had taken a mini breather.

 Kanami is a regular model for the Maly Moon site which has a lot of cosplaying uniforms and such. Their pics are superb but I kind of prefer the ones from the photo shoots which is this batch and are all from the past two years.

 Now on to two older sets of pics and this first one features Kanami as the cover girl for the November 17, 2020 issue of Manga Action which was promoting a digital book.

 Will end off with that Manga Action book that came out on November 2, 2020 and contains 47 photos. There's no video of the book and while Kanami does have a YT channel she hasn't uploaded a video in years. So will skip having any videos as the good ones on YT you'll be seeing in future Kanami posts as most are for mag spreads and other digital books that I'll be posting soon enough.

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