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Monday, February 26, 2024

Kang Han-Na: Her historical first 'Blast from the Past' post....


 It's always been so much more difficult to do posts for Korean actresses versus ones from Japan though bet I've done over 250 of these. But halfway through 2021 they became almost impossible to do as this is the first one for an actress since October 2021. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the virus affect Korea much later than most countries and to me it seemed things were kind of normal there for much of 2020 and the first few months of 2021. Ask that for there were a decent amount of posts in 2020/21 for Korean actresses and actually many have been kind of busy since the end of 2022 so for the last year the lack of posts may have been my fault, as the saying goes out of sight, out of mind.

 A regular Japanese drama is for ten episodes that are about 45 minutes in length or a total of 450 minutes for a series. In Korea most dramas are sixty or more minutes in length and there's usually sixteen shows so that equals 960 minutes, over twice as long as a Japanese drama. So because of that Korean actresses will make more $$ plus often they're aired in other countries so they don't have to do as many activities as their peers from Japan to make more money. So that means there's so fewer magazine spreads, modeling pics or appearing at events which is a shame as the way Korean actresses look at events is tough to top. So I am behind on doing these posts, not sure how many of my faves have been busy enough over the last year or so to warrant some posts but will be trying to do a few more of these in the upcoming weeks plus I think my next series to recap will be from Korea.

 When it comes to who the most attractive women I post about Han-Na 😍 would be in the mix to be #1, she is just so darn appealing and seductive though not in your usual way. Really didn't begin to notice her until 2018 as she had attended college and got a late start versus most others with her acting career. Have seen her in four dramas but not her last one which aired in 2022, it was an historical series and I'm not really into them. "No Secret" is the title of Han-Na's next drama and she will have the lead female role in it, it does look interesting but no start date has been announced yet. Am thinking about viewing another of her shows which was the 2021 drama "Bite Sisters", let me see if I can't somehow squeeze that show in. Back in 2020 Han-Na did finish in the 11th position on the yearly faves list, then in 2021 she had three posts by the end of May and that's when the activities for so many actresses seemed to slow down. So this post will have some things from 2022 until now, hoping there will be another post or two for all the things that have been missed over the last two years.

 Had to edit those above two screenshots which were from the 2015 movie "Empire of Lust" which was a decent film. It's been such a rarity when one of my faves has disrobed in a film and it's hard to put into words how overly alluring and perfect she looked, wow!!!! Han-Na is also one of the oldest woman I post about for on January 30th she hit the age of 35 but as I've often said women to me tend to look much better when they hit thirty or older, wonder if I'll ever be posting about anyone when they hit the age of forty? Don't have any of this year's birthday pics for today but do have some from January 2023 when she hit the age of 34.

 Few recent IG photos but she never posts all that many of them. For so long most posts for Korean actresses weren't that popular but there have been a few that you viewers have really liked. Such as Han-Na for I would say among Korean actresses she's the second most popular one here.

 Won't make these posts for other Korean actresses and Han-Na too large as to have more of them. Let's go back a bit in time for this mag spread that's from the July 2019 issue of Singles.

 While that above spread had been posted before this one hadn't been and is from the August 2022 issue of Allure. Do have a much better and bigger Han-Na spread from that period which will be in her next post, will do that sometime next month.

 Have been saying for years the way Korean actresses look at events is so much better than any magazine spread, even many gravure ones! Han-Na does appear at many events and always looks so darn attractive and classy, will have two events for today and also another pair in her next post. All will be from the last fifteen months so none had ever been posted here before. This first set is from May 22, 2023 when she appeared at the VIP premiere of "Crime City 3" though she wasn't in the film and do like her dressed down style.

 Did say the way Korean actresses look at events is often hard to top and here's an ultimate example of that. On November 29, 2022 a overly sweltering Han-Na was in Osaka, Japan for the 2022 MAMA awards show and did hand out one of the awards, that stands for Mnet Asian Music Awards. The way Han-Na looked left me speechless and that's not the first time she's done that to me(!), if your heart can take it have a video from the show after the pics and should have her next post in 2-3 weeks.

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