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Friday, February 9, 2024

Hikaru Takahashi: Finally her eagerly awaited(to me) intro post....


 Here's someone who probably won't be overly popular here but hope I'm wrong with that prediction and someone not being that popular has never stopped me from posting about them before. For so long thought that first photo was of Haruka Fukuhara 😍 and if you can be compared to her you're doing A-OK! This is the first newbie that's been introduced in five months and there won't be many more coming up this year. Still have that 'loose rule' that a woman needs to be 22+ in age before I begin posting about them, have broken it on occasion but mainly just for J-Pop Idols in Hina or Keya. Was biding my time until Hikaru turned 22 and am late with this first post as she hit that age five months ago. You won't be seeing many gravure pics which is why I don't think her posts will get a huge amount of views but to me she looks so darn good and do need to post about more actresses. 

 Last September was when Hikaru hit the age of 22, figure I can go back close to two years for her activities. Perhaps I do have a thing for taller girls as I will admit they do look so fine to me, she is a taller woman as her height is 169 cm or 66 inches. Hikaru hails from Otsu City, that's in the prefect of Shiga and it's a little east of Kyoto. Will give more bio info as we go along and I do expect there to be about 4-5 of these intro posts and really think I'll enjoy posting about her. Hikaru is a busy woman as she does quite a bit of modeling, appears at many events and does have the occasional magazine spread but not many recent ones.  Her main gig is as an actress and these days often has the lead role in her dramas.

 Hikaru has the lead role in the current drama "Living no Matsunaga-san" which I do plan on viewing. These days tend to wait until a series is complete and it is being subbed so will recap the show though there are two others I will be doing before that, it still has five episodes to go. Let's being off with some IG pics from the past two months, it truly is nice seeing a younger gal these days that can keep their clothes on(!) and I think she looks so, so terrific!!!!

 Try not to make intro posts too huge as to space out the older pics for at least 3-5 posts. As mentioned modeling is one busy gig for her and some photos from the Ray site, there are so many more of these superb pics you'll be seeing in future posts. 

 Hikaru appears at most of those large fashion shows, know that she will be at the next 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show that will be held on March 2nd. So will have a post soon after with many photos from it but before that she will have another post or two. This small batch is from the TGC Autumn show held in September 2022.

 From 2020 to 2022 Hikaru did appear in quite a few magazines but not so many last year. Do have five from 2022 when she was twenty in age so those I can post and will have a pair for today with this first set being from WPB #41 that came out on October 14th. It was promoting her second photobook "Adorable" that was released on October 7th and has some of her rare gravure pics. 

 The other 2022 spread for today is much bigger and Hikaru was the cover girl for the June 29th issue of Weekly Shonen.

 Will end off with the top set of pics and to me these are close to be the best event photos from the past year! Last August 10th Hikaru was at an event for Kai Hats and didn't she look so sweltering dressed in a Yukata?! She certainly did and to my eyes topped most women who are clad in bikinis!!!! The event was to promote the company's hats but also to announce a new competition to design them, that contest held an event on November 8th for the winners so will check to see if she was at that also. After the super duper pics check out a video of the event and do recommend it for any new Hikaru fans.

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