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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Miyu Murashima: A quartet of broiling magazine spreads though....


 .... not much else though the spreads add up to be forty photos. Off the beaten track for a moment there is one kind of post that hasn't been done for many years and need to change that soon. Which are posts for Korean actresses and in a way I like them more than their peers from Japan. Doing posts for Korean actresses were never easy but bet over 250 have been done. Once the virus of 2020 hit it became close to impossible to do posts for them and really wasn't paying much attention to them. But over the last two years have viewed many Korean dramas and last night was thinking need to do some actress posts. Won't make a definite promise but hope to have one this week for Kang Ha-Na who really makes my blood boil out of control!!!! So doesn't Jin Se-Yeon who I also hope to have a post for but she could prove to be more difficult, both of them are semi-popular here with you viewers.

 Last year Miyu was busier than ever from June until late November, her mag spreads and digital books were also better than ever! But this is her first post since December 3rd and we'll cut Miyu some slack as she was probably overdue for a medium sized break. She is so well liked by you viewers, in 2022 she was the most popular woman here and last year ranked second. Miyu is trying to become an actress and did do a pair of guest spots this month on the current 'Garo' Sentai series. But of course her main gig is being a gravure model and think(hope) we're about to hit another busy stretch for her.

Still a slowish period for happenings but least there's been at least one post a day and have noticed so many have been for gravure models. Next weekend is the first major 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show which many of my faves will be attending so hopefully that means more posts. Miyu isn't much of a poster of photos at her IG page but did upload these yesterday. They're from the 23rd when she held her first ever Fan Club event where she did a bit of singing and dancing, there was even a Bingo game but no reenactments of a gravure photo shoot!

 Now on to the four magazine spreads, will begin off with the smallest one which had only thee pages and why'd they bother, it's from the January 2nd issue of Flash.

 Do have an oldie Miyu spread that had been missed and it was too fabulous not to have. It's from volume 63 of GTV which came out at the beginning of December 2022.

 The other two spreads are brand new and Miyu is the cover girl for both. This first new set is from the February 22nd edition of Young Jump.... oooops, she wasn't the cover girl for this spread and it's a rarity when she isn't.

 Will end off with a Miyu cover and it's from the March 8th issue of Big Comic Spirits. There were no videos for the mag spreads but do have one after the pics. Which was from November 30th and Young Jump magazine, it was for Miyu's last digital book to date which was also the last post she had until today but at the time the video wasn't available.

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