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Thursday, February 1, 2024

SKE48: Magazine spreads and what nots for 2024 #1....


 Except for Akari here's a group that hasn't been heard from in a while here but that will soon be changing. SKE did have many posts up until 2019, perhaps just second to Nogi but after that they kind of ceased for no good reasons. Well, there is one major one which is that most of my bigger faves from the group ended up graduating but I still have remained a fan. As a matter of fact have mentioned many times how next to C-ute they had the top singles from 2011 to 2017 and said to myself recently I need to start getting back into SKE. Of course Keya has been my top group for the past five years plus I do like Hina quite a bit but more so of those group's non-music activities, SKE's songs are still better than theirs. So don't expect these posts to be all that popular but for a while will try to have one about every 7-10 days as there's many things that need to be caught up with but don't plan on having many things that are over a year old. Leading off here is Jurina and of course she's no longer with SKE, she graduated about three years ago and will she ever make a comeback? I liked her immensely and truly thought she had a chance to end up being my #1 J-Pop Idol but that sadly never worked out, she's going to be hitting the age of 27 next month.

 This is good timing for this post as SKE's 32nd single will be coming out on February 28th. The Senbatsu members have been announced but not how the lineup will look nor have the covers been released yet. So will skip on having any info about the single today and have that in the next group post or whenever the info comes out. I'm looking forward to doing these posts again for the group as I may have been getting a bit stale doing them for Keya and Hina though of course will still be doing posts for them. These will be similar to those posts as I'll try to have a bit of many things but these first few posts will mainly have 2023 magazine scans. Will also be having a few solo posts along the way too and another reason the posts stopped a few years ago is that they were becoming much more difficult to do but don't think that should be a big problem these days.

 Not sure how big SKE is these days, it appears as though they have about 45 members. The huge positive about that is they're much older than you would think, close to thirty are 22+ in age which makes posting about them a bit easier. Will try to feature many different members in these group posts and right above is Ruka Kitano who I've liked for quite a while. She's going to be hitting the age of 25 in May and have noticed SKE members tend to stick around longer compared to other groups. Have some group cards of her and there are more of them compared to the '46 groups.

 Have more group cards which feature Hinano Aoumi and doesn't she look swell(?), can't recall ever using that word before. She's a member of Team S and last November 2nd hit the age of 23, in December she celebrated her fifth anniversary as a member.

 Mentioned that there would be some solo posts do and just may have one this weekend. It would be for Haruka Kumazaki who is one of my fave current members and she's getting up there in age as she turned 26 last August. For her birthday Haruka's first photobook was released the day before and two of the below pics are from it, March will mark eleven years being with SKE.

 Now on to some magazine spreads and there are many from 2023 to post, most are group ones. But will have an older solo spread that was from November 2022 and issue #45 for WPB. It features Kaho Sato who is the captain of Team E, she too is getting older and will be 27 in May.

 In the SPA! magazine the group has a feature called 'SKE48 Weekly' but that title isn't quite correct as it isn't a weekly feature. More like one every other week but that still adds up to be many of them and will have a few of them for today, most are 5-7 pages. First set is from the January 3, 2023 issue and the names for the members are on the pics.

 The next SPA! spread was in their January 17th edition and as mentioned they usually come out every other week, it was Akari's final time appearing in this series.

 This has been a big post and will end off with one final spread. It's a more recent one and is huge at over thirty pages so will break it down into two sections. The set is from the November issue of Entame and does have many members, I really like the way Miyo Nomura looks and guess what(?).... today she's celebrating her 21st birthday!!!!

 The cover girls for the November issue of Entame were Hinano who was mentioned earlier and Ruka Inoue who in June will be turning 23, don't the pair look terrific together?! Did say SKE has their next single coming out at the end of the month, their previous which was single #31 came out last July 5th. The title of it was "Suki ni Nacchatta" and have the video for it after the pics, not as upbeat as most of their other songs but still a decent tune. EDIT: Had a feeling the video couldn't be embedded so here's the link to it, Oka Suenaga was the center: "Suki ni Nacchatta" video

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