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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Kanami Takasaki: Her third acclaimed intro post.... WPB digital book from December 2021 and much more!!!!


 Often take the last day of a month off which I will be doing tomorrow but will end off February with some super duper posts. Will have another post later on today and if I feel inspired perhaps there will even be two more! This is Kanami's third intro post in ten days and it does take a while for a newbie to become popular. But her first two posts have been checked out 500 times between them so she must have some fans here and thought Kanami would as she has been around for a while. As mentioned before I dragged my feet in doing posts for her as they should have been started over three yeas ago but on the bright side it means you will be seeing many upcoming posts.

 Will try to spread the posts out, perhaps one every ten days and that means you'll be seeing a lot of Kanami until May, it's the first time I've posted about someone with that first name. Have four things from late 2021 for today, there will be no order to these posts as they could be for happenings from 2020 or some current things. First off are these Kanami photos from her IG page she posted the last ten weeks of 2021, that first one is my fave and many are from a Cyzo photo shoot.

 And here's that Cyzo spread, Kanami was the cover girl for their October/November issue and many times back then magazines doubled up on their issues.

 This set here is from the December 18, 2021 issue of WPB that was promoting the book so surprised she wasn't the cover girl.

 Will end off with Kanami's WPB digital book that was released on December 13, 2021 and contains 47 photos. She also had two book series for the magazine in 2020 and early 2021 which I will be getting to soon. There was no solo video for the photo shoot but there was one that featured three others and that's after the pics. Kanami's segment begins at the 1:25 mark and know many will enjoy the woman before her.

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