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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Haruka Kodama: Her blazing new 'WPB-Digital' photobook plus more goodies....


 Here's someone I wish could have so many more posts but it's just never going to happen. Know viewers are in agreement as Haruka's post do draw such a huge amount of views but those posts are far and few between. On September 19th Haruka will be turning 26 in age and until today hadn't realized that's also the date for two other massive faves of mine but all three were born a different year. One other gal is certainly a huge fave as she'll be making the 'All Time Top Twenty Faves' list which began yesterday, will be doing a position every three days.

 So while having posts for Haruka is a rarity can't complain for three years ago who would have thought she'd ever have any more? In 2018 Haruka was really sick and eventually had to leave HKT so when that happened bet most fans thought we'd never hear from her again. I kind of forgot about her but at the beginning of 2021 Haruka did make a comeback and have had four posts since then. The word perseverance is the perfect adjective for her as she never quit and I'm glad she's becoming so much more busier plus hasn't she turned into such an alluring woman?!

 Of course when Haruka was with HKT she had to do a fair share of gravure spreads but there weren't as many of them as others and to me she was a bit conservative. Not these days though as she's really vamped it up and is one of the hottest 'ex-48' members of all time! Back in May Haruka was in the "Hula Girls" stage play with a Hina member, last year she also had the lead role in a mini web drama. This October she'll have her first lead role in a movie which is "From the World Without Sky", when it gets closer to the film's release hopefully can have a post or two for her.

 Few recent pics from Haruka's IG page, she never posts enough of them but they're all superb. Earlier this year she opened a YT channel, to date she has 35 videos there and have the link if you want to visit it: Haruka's YT Channel

 Have one new spread from the August 15th issue of WPB to promote the new book, bottom pic is from the photo shoot.

 So of course the WPB magazine published the book which came out yesterday and has 46 pics, think it's Haruka's first ever digital book and hope it's not her last!!!! It's been ages since I listened to HKT as almost all of my fave members have departed. So how about going back in time for the group's fifth single "12 Seconds" from 2015 and Haruka was the co-center, video is after the pics.

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