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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Hinatazaka46: Their November 'Uni's on Air' game pics part one plus a huge potpourri of other treats....


 This should be the only post for today as I need some time to begin on a few others but this is so huge it could count for two! Hina's third album, second since their name change, is coming out tomorrow so will wait a week before doing their next post so I can have some sales info and whatever else may come along. Will also be doing a few posts for those Hina and Keya members who seldom get any, will be having those soon. Few times recently have mentioned that I slow down on posts for those who will be on the yearly faves list right around now but hopefully can squeeze a pair in. They would be for Kyoko and Miku who will both be in this year's top five and at this point it's hard to say who has the higher position. Those position posts wouldn't be done until December 10th or a few days after which is a month away and don't want to wait that long for their next posts. So will try hard to have a post for each within the week and keep your fingers crossed that I'm successful!

 Speaking of Kyoko have some great news for her fans and especially me! Her current drama "Nukarumi no Shoukutasu" is being subbed and will recap the entire series. Three episodes have aired but will wait until the seventh show has been subbed. Have it planned out that if I start them then the recaps won't be too far apart and the last pair can be done a week after the series finishes. It'll be the third Kyoko drama I've viewed this year and she'll have no worries about her future once she leaves Hina. Here's some new pics from an interview with the TVer site for the drama, will have more pics and the link to it in her next post. Not that there's many drama fans reading this but before the posts for her drama begins will be recapping season three of "Abunai Deka", that's an old police show from the 80's and those first two seasons are must watches!

 Have a little bit of many things for this post, as usual a Hina group one will be massive with at least 125 new pics. Did do a Hiyori post a little over a month ago for her 21st birthday but it's not so easy to do them for her. This batch is with a newish interview with the Model Press site that took place after the September 30th 'Girls Award' Autumn show but the interview wasn't posted at the site until a week ago. Not a long interview and the topic was mainly fashion along with some thoughts of how the group is doing: Model Press site

 Who I really like but wish was a few years older is Mikuni and I think she has the most attractive face of any Hina member, perhaps of anyone from the three '46' groups! These are some brand new pics from the group blog and she's never had a solo post before so expect one very soon for her.

 How about some Hina cards for two of her third generation mates? That's a good decision to me and these cards are for the group's last two singles "One Choice" and "Am I Ready?". First off is Marie with thirteen cards, she's followed by Haruyo and had then together as the pair share the same birthday which is February 23rd.

 One new magazine spread for today which features Hina's captain Kumi as the cover girl for the November 15th issue of Weekly Shonen.

 Have no clue why but there were no regular promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game in October. In four years that had never happened though there were pics for anyone who celebrated an October birthday. For this post will have the eight first generation members, the others will be in the next group post and this set has four members. Leading off as usual is Kyoko, after her is Shiho and there's nothing left to say about the pair who have had a good amount of solo posts. Following her is Mei and have been noticing on the group's 'Aimashu' show she is by far Hina's quietest member. Up last is Sarina who will be leaving near the end of December, wonder if she'll have a photobook? She's had hundred of pics in these group posts but never a solo one so that may need to change.

 These game pics have an odd theme title for November which is 'Sento Yu-Niea'. Final four members leads off with Kumi who is also overdue for a solo post. Think I'll wait two months for that as in January she'll be celebrating her 28th birthday. Following her is Mirei and Mana, will admit I don't talk enough about them. Final gal is Ayaka who just had a post two days ago and to me it was one of the top ones of the year. As of now she doesn't have any regular November pics but does have some new birthday ones as she hit the age of 25 five days ago.

 I enjoy Keya's 'Soko' variety show so much more than Hina's 'Aimashou' show but there's been no episodes subbed since the end of July. So will give a big thumbs up to TeamHinataSubs who do a solid job with this show and have the subs done quickly. Often end a group post with a mini recap of the show and will make it very brief for today as this episode was so-so at best. It was part two of a challenge called 'Autumn Art: Finding hidden talents' but there was no overall champion plus a lot of members weren't on the shows. Part one was decent and thought this one would be too was wrong with that. The first segment was how well the gal could create a figure out of clay and most did a solid job. To me Miku may be the best overall member of the three '46' groups though don't know how well she is at athletics. She always comes off so well spoken and gives such interesting answers to questions, she would make for a superb teacher or professor. The theme was 'Summer Break', did find out that Ayaka and Hiyori are rather close as they took a trip together .and often sit next to each other on the show. The screenshots below are worth viewing as they follow the action as it happened.

 The other challenge was Senryu which is a semi takeoff of Haiku where you need to give an answer in three lines and try to make it a bit ironic or satirical. This wasn't interesting at all except for the end and the final Senryu category which was What are your recent worries? We only heard Kumi's response and at times I thought the tears would start flowing from her! She's going to be turning 28 in January which sadly is a bit old for a J-Pop Idol. Kumi felt she was at the 'in-between' age as though she's older she's actually not old enough so she doesn't know how to communicate with those 30+ in age. But her bigger problem is talking with the younger members as so many are almost a decade younger and that's when I thought the tears would be flowing! They didn't and she too is one intelligent woman, Hina's group IQ must be so much higher than Nogi and I think so few of their current members have a good head on their shoulders. Won't have a video at the bottom but instead the link to their second YT channel. The members have uploaded many videos which are often 10+ minutes and most are enjoyable, this way you can choose which one(s) you want to view: Hina's YT channel

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