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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Nana Owada: Her breathtaking first photobook "Restart" scans!!!!


 Exactly fourteen months ago finished up my second 'Top Twenty Faves of All Time' list, the first was done in 2018. Thought it turned out to be decent and they're not as easy as you would think. Every list I or anyone else in the world has done you will look at it again much later  and think.... 'Should I have (fill in the blanks)? The only glaring omission was not including Nana who I like just so, so much but then again who should have been dropped to make room for her? If I recall it was a very slow period from May until September for Nana so that was one of the biggest reasons for overlooking her. Plus her mag spreads and books the last four years are second to only one woman but wish she would do more activities such as acting and regular modeling. Do plan on doing a third list three years from now, Nana should make that list easily as she has been a bit busier this past year and could see her ending up around the fourteenth position.

 Thought this book had been posted but when I was doing a post back in September for Nana's 24th birthday noticed it hadn't been and said need to fix that!!!! Will also be having her second photobook that came out in 2022 but at this point not sure when it will be posted, January to begin the year off on an ultra hot note? Also have one newish Nana digital book that came out on October 4th, that's something else to look forward to. This book is four years old as it came out on Nana's 20th birthday on September 15, 2019 and right around then is when she became more of a full time gravure model. The photo shoot took place in Hawaii and it's been so long forget what the sales were for it but think it was a decent seller. This book has 92 overly dazzling pics so get your cold shower warned up(?), know I need to when viewing her pics and would say Nana could be fourth fave gravure model of all time.

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