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Monday, November 13, 2023

Miyu Murashima: Her sizzling 'Big Comic Spirits' digital photobook from September though once again....


 .... not too much else. Was about to begin writing up a drama recap but felt like such crap so said will put that on hold until tomorrow! A better choice for you viewers is obviously Miyu and will she repeat as the most popular woman here for the second year in a row? Really don't know and it wouldn't surprise me if she did, will do that post for 2023's most popular woman right after Christmas. Miyu will be making this year's faves list but as of now have no clue where she'll end up, it could be anywhere from ninth to fourteenth! This is her 14th post for the year which is quite a few, no one has had more digital books plus her mag spreads are all superb. But wish Miyu had done a few other kinds of activities, acting could be part of her future as she was in her first drama and stage play this year.

 Have one more digital book that came out three weeks ago. If there's no new magazine spreads by the end of the month that book will be in her position post for the faves list, if there are some other things that will be a separate post. Not much for today but this book came out two months ago and didn't want to see it get dated. First off are these recent pics from her IG page and it's nice on occasion to see her dressed as a regular woman. The first four aren't and never saw girls like Miyu dressed like that when I was in high school(!), she said it was a Korean school uniform.

 This spread you've seen before and it was in a September Miyu post. But am having it again as the spread was promoting the book plus it's so darn terrific and it's from the September 25th issue of Big Comic Spirits.

 That magazine rarely releases digital books, except for Miyu and one other ex-Nogi member it's been such a slow year for digital books. This was released on September 11th and my beef is that it only has 34 pics, her next  book that you will be seeing soon has seventy. There is a video of the photo shoot which is after the pics and know every Miyu fan needs to view it..... and her dozens of others!!!!

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