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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Konoka Matsuda: Her majestic ninth post!


 Not every photo has to be a gravure one featuring a skimpy dressed woman to get my attention as that first one is such a favorite from the past few years, whew!!!! This is one of those 'I want to do a post for someone and nothing is going to stop me!' posts and it's an overdue one too. I like Konoka more than I can put into words but as you can see this being just her ninth post it hasn't been easy to do these for her. This is her fourth one in ten months which is an okay pace though it's her first since June but because the posts don't come so often they are rather large and this one is no exception.

 Posts for Konoka are a bit more difficult to do versus other members as she rarely has a solo magazine spread, no modeling or event pics and has never had a photobook, wonder if that will ever happen? Even though there will none of those kinds of pics for today think there will be 92 of them and about 65 or so have never been in a group post. There may be more alluring females in the three '46' groups but to me Konoka would make for the best girlfriend and I think she looks so overly terrific plus it's hard to top her personality. In five months she'll be hitting the age of 25, there has to be at least ten other Hina members at that age or older so wonder if we will soon see a mass exodus. Sure hope not, bet many remember how many Nogi members left between 2017-20 and when so many older members leave in a short amount of time it's easy to lose interest in a group. Don't bet the mortgage on it but don't think we'll be seeing a slew leave next year though that could just be wishful thinking.

 This is the second post in three days for someone I do like a lot that has zero gravure pics, know these kind aren't too popular because of that but I really enjoy doing them. Forgot to check on how many views her first eight posts had received but think they were semi popular as I have a feeling Konoka does have decent sized fan base here. As mentioned have a little bit of many things, am two weeks late with these but will start off with some Halloween pics and the last six are for their 'Hina Koi' game.

 Up next are some Hina cards from a few months back and half are for the group's last two singles. Their third album and second since the name change was released exactly a week ago, there's five new songs on it. One is titled "Jihanki to Shutaisei" and for the first time ever Konoka had the center position for the song. It's an okay tune and did remind me a bit of some Nogi songs from 3-4 years ago. Wanted to have the video for the song but am shocked there isn't one and why not(?), you can find the audio of the song on YT.

 Have some older monthly message pics here which were in group posts, They go from November back to April which was the first time I had posted any of them. You will notice how their uniforms have changed a few times this year and don't the pics for November and October look so similar?

 Konoka posts so many photos at her IG page and most are oki doki in my book! These are from the last month, some are from the set of "The Time" show and she has a weekly segment with them. The first four are from July and did have them in a group post but she looks so darn fabulous needed to have an encore of them!

 Konoka used to have her fair share of magazine spreads but there's been no solo ones since April. Think the biggest reason is the fourth generation members who keep getting too much of a push and they've taken many of the mag spreads and other things away from the older members. Always have promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game in these posts, they always have four a month. This set contains four months but there were none in October and that was the first time that happened. So this set of Konoka's game pics are for November, September, August and July which are my favorites.

 At one time often ended a post off with those above pics because they're so stupendous. But lately I'm liking the pics for their 'Mysterious Library' game so much more and will end off with these which have cone out in the last two months. On October 13th Konoka was on the "Quiz! Anata wa Shougaku" show and walked away with the grand prize of three million yen($20,000+)!!!! To celebrate her achievement Konoka rented out a food truck to treat her fellow Hina mates and after the pics is a video of it.


  1. I totally agree, man, in loving Kono-chan too! I think she's one of the several members who are really gorgeous and talented and would deserve a lot more attention - and screentime!
    Incidentally, I dunno whether you'll agree with me here, but I also think it's a real shame how "HinaAi" has been going down the same route as "KeyaKake" previously, in that many girls who have a lot of potential are kept in the shadows, so as to say, while all the limelight is constantly on the same few members they wanna push, even though some of those have very little talent for variety, thusly resulting in an often boring show...
    It's like, the MCs take up one fourth of the screentime by themselves, then two quarters go almost invariably to those four or five girls who just happen to be the MCs' - and/or the management's - faves, and then the last quarter needs to be shared by everybody else, so in the end variety prodigies like "our" Suzy, or Kono-chan, or the Captain, get maybe 30" of screentime in an episode - when they're lucky enough to get those, that is!
    On the other hand, in "SokoSaku" it seems to me that they've learned their lesson from the tumultuous end of the Keya Era and ever since the rebranding the screentime is a lot more equally shared so that every girl gets her fair share of it and therefore her chance to shine. All imho of course!

  2. Konoka has my attention and has for a while, why don't you let her know that!!!! Do agree with those comments about Hina's variety show and it's okay that the 4G members are getting attention but it's been too much as they seemed to be thrown at us all at once. Have noticed lately the 3G gals are getting more screen time and that's fine by me, save for Kumi and Shiho seems to few of the older members get screen time though Sarina has been but that could be due to her graduation. As we said before think it's time for the 'Bingo!' shows to be revived.

  3. Yeah, I second your motion, we definitely need the those Bingos back! 👍

    P.s. like, the latest episode of HinaAi: Takahashi picks Tomita, Hirao and Shimizu to star in her CM, so one would naturally expect that the MCs interview those and give them some more screentime, right? Nope, "Bakabakashii" (I'm quoting Manafi there, LOL) instead interviews Katoshi on how she feels not having being picked...mattaku!?! 😣😤🤔
    (and I seriously used to like Katoshi and Kawata, but the clear, constant and in the end annoying overexposure they keep getting has made me change my mind...😓)

  4. Haven't viewed that last episode but was planning to, now am not looking forward to it as much. Speaking of 'Bingo!' shows an ancient one popped into my head last night and it's a real oldie from Nogi which featured my fave segment from any of the 'Bingo!' shows and also perhaps the saddest! Have the link to it at the bottom and it's such an old one as it aired back in 2013 and was the sixth episode of season one.

    It featured the group's version of Honest/Liar Shogi and what took place really stunned Iijiri and the members who didn't know how to react. None of it was scripted and Kazumi broke down so hard as she couldn't stop the tears from flowing and it was so hard not to feel for her. Her opponent was Nanami who had asked a semi-cruel question and she too was stunned by what took place. Probably didn't do the episode much justice with this mini recap but it's worth viewing if you can still find it and back then is when I was becoming a huge Nogi fan, seems like eons ago when they were my #1 group.