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Friday, March 17, 2023

Nanase Nishino: Another huge fave who hopefully hasn't been forgotten about....


 This is a prime example of a spur of the moment post and this will be the first of 2-3 of them. No woman here will ever touch the amount of posts that Nanase has but this only her third one since June and fist since October, could have done two since then. Really can't give a good reason for that way too long gap between posts but promise to have at least one more coming up this month and also a post in April for her missed activities over that period.

 Last year was a semi busy one for Nanase or at least up until June. After that she did appear in a drama and was at one event but her activities paled in comparison to other years. But 2023 is shaping up to be a busier one, she has a drama beginning in May and has been in two movies, one is coming out tomorrow. Nanase did finish in the sixteenth position on my all time faves list but she should have been so much higher, say in the top five? The things she does have been up and down a bit the last three years, while some activities such as modeling pics and dramas have been excellent some have been kind of bland which is the reason for her falling to that position. 

 But the biggest reason for dropping as such a massive fave was because of me! After writing up over 400 posts will admit I may have grown a tad tired of Nanase and think you can overdo it with the posts for someone but now I'm all refreshed so expect the posts for Nanase to return to normal! So as mentioned will have at least two more posts coming up and looking forward to them. First off are some recent IG pics, could have had more but am saving some for those next few posts. Bottom photo is from a month ago and the Nogi graduation concert for the group's second captain.

 This batch of pics is five weeks overdue but better late than never! Of course they're for Valentine's but seeing as how there was no posts last month or the previous five didn't want these terrific older Nogi cards to go to waste. "Shylock no Kodomotachi" was the title of her last drama that aired in October and November for five episodes, did want to view it but the show was never subbed. That's a shame as it did look like an interesting series, to me Nanase's top drama and best starring role was "Kotodamasou" that aired at the end of 2021 and do highly recommend it.

 "Ichikei's Crow" The Movie" was a film Nanase was in that came out on January 13th. May have some pics from the premiere in an upcoming post but undecided about that. These are some fine photos she had promoting the movie with the Model Press site where she did talk about some other things and here's the link to it: Model Press interview

 Tomorrow, today if you're in Japan, the film "Shin Kamen Rider" will be having it's premiere, will have the photos from the event in her next post. I'm a huge fan of Kamen Rider and think it's Nanase's first time in this kind of superhero/action movie so will be looking forward to viewing it.... in about eight months! On March 12th Nanase and the main cast had a red carpet event for the film that took place at the TOHO Cinemas in Roppongi Hills. You will notice another fave of mine in two photos and will have another post for her soon enough.

 Last up for today is this new magazine spread from the March 30th issue of Young Jump that features Nanase as their cover girl, wonder how many times she's had that honor this past decade? There are some videos of the above event but a more interesting one is the trailer for the movie which has over four million views and have that video after the pics. 

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