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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Hinatazaka46: A little(lot) of this and that for 2023 #3....


 Hard to believe this is just the third group post of the year but it is the second in ten days and there should be 3-4 of these next month. However there have been more solo posts than ever for the members this year and hope they can continue, I do prefer doing those a bit more. So while there's zero magazine spreads or event pics this will be one of the largest group posts in a log time as there will be at least 125 new photos and there is a nice variety of things.

 Leading off the post was Akari and for the first time she'll be the center of a Hina single, like how the centers been changing for the last five singles. "One Choice" is the group's ninth single and will be coming out on April 19th, no videos or audios of any of the songs have been released yet. These are the covers for the single and the bottom pic shows the lineup, no fourth generation members are on the main song but they'll be having their own tune.

 It's so hard to have solo posts for Konoka but she has had about six to date, always try to include some pics of her in these group posts. These are recent ones from her IG page with the top being from the making of the "One Choice" PV. will have some pics of more members in future posts.

 It's a bit late but what's hasn't been in any posts are 2023 New Years cards for the members, may also have more in future posts. Have four members for today and leading off with six cards is Mei, she's followed by Hina's captain Kumi and the new single's center Akari, both have seven cards. The only one with eight is the third generation's oldest member who is Mikuni, she's also the tallest member.

 With each new single the member's profile photos at the Hina group site get changed, here are the new ones for the twenty first through third generation members.

 Few newish second anniversary promo pics for Hina's 'Mysterious Library' web game and you've seen many others in solo posts.

 Can't have a Hina post without including some promo pcs for the 'Uni's on Air' game. Have four members for today who each have four pics, first up is Ayaka and have been trying to do a solo post for her which hasn't worked out. Following her is Mei and once again have more pics for Akari, rounding out the quartet is Konoka and to me she just may be Hina's most attractive member!

 Will end off with a very mini recap from the March 5th 'Aimashou' show which happened to be episode #200 so why wasn't there some sort of anniversary? Been doing so many drama recaps as of late am getting burnt out writing so will make this very short. As was the case for the previous episode a trio of members looked back at one of their favorite segments from 2022 and discussed a bit about it. Miku was up first and it wasn't her top segment but one she was curious about as she wondered was the majority of it staged? Her choice was a segment that aired last November that featured members spinning around a baseball bat and to Miku it just didn't seem to be all that believable, she had been one of the judges for this and other competitions.
 Do recall that segment which was fun but did seem like a few member's act may have been staged. The other look back at 2022 which is in the screenshots was one from Suzuka and for some reason I missed this show. It aired back in August and was called 'Midsummer Confessional' where the host Kasuga dressed as Jesus on the cross and the members confessed their sins to him. Suzuka's confession to her 'sin' was acceptable to Jesus but not all of them were, was getting burnt out from watching so many things as of late so skipped the final segment which featured Marie.

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