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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Hinatazaka46: Just their second group post for 2023....


 The member Hina, not to be confused with the group(!), may have had my top photobook of any member. However she may be topped by Miku's book that came out in December and will have a post for that book next month. Yesterday did a post for Shiho and at the time was shocked that there hadn't been a group post since January 4th though there was about eight solo ones done for my fave members. So vowed to have at least two group posts by the end of the month and didn't wait around to do the first one! This is actually a quickie and mini post though there will be over a hundred new pics, just not too many sections to it. Hina as a whole has been a bit quiet lately and that could be because they're working on their ninth single that will be coming out on April 19th,no other details have been announced.

 There's two good tidbits of new info to begin off the post, three if you count their new single coming out. There's a new Nogi drama beginning in April called "Actress" which will also feature members from Hina and Keya. Know that Kyoko will be one of the members from Hina but it escapes me who else will be in the show too.

 Plus two members have been signed by the andGirl magazine to be models, their photos have always been superb. Hiyori is one member and have two pics here from their site. The other member is Ayaka and she is someone who truly deserves a solo post or two so expect one very soon, her two pics are also from the magazine's site. As you can see in the bottom photo a Keya member is also a new model for them and needless to say that really made my day!

 The only new mag spreads for members have been for the gals who have had some recent solo posts so there won't be any for today but know there's at least four coming out later this month. Was going to do a post on January 22nd for Hina's captain Kumi but have to confess it slipped my mind. She's someone I do like quite a bit so will do something for her soon. This batch of pics is from Saturday's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show and she took her stroll on the F.i.n.t. stage.

 One other batch of member photos are these recent ones from the group blog. They're of Konoka who I really, really, really, REALLY like but it's so difficult doing solo posts for her.

 In anticipation for the ninth single two days ago there were new profile pics of all the members added at the Hina group site. To me these pics are quite snazzy and better than their previous profile photos. The go in order of the generations, nine for the first, seven for the second and four for the third.

 Won't be including any news or photos for the fourth generation for a while. They have been in the spotlight quite a bit as of late and also have been the focus of the group's 'Aimashou' variety show which is why I haven't viewed the last few episodes. More group pics here which were promo ones for their 'Hina Koi' web game and for Valentine's, same order as the above pics.

 Will end off with two sets of promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game, these are all new for March and have always said how terrific these pics are. There will be four members in each set, they all have four pics. First up is Hina's captain Kumi who is followed by Mirei, tend to have then back to back often as their last names are both Sasaki. Third in this set is Akari who turned 22 last month. Rounding out this first set is Yuka and she's announced her graduation but no date has been set, probably in May or June. The main reason for her leaving is that she has some bad ear problems but to me it's not a bad thing with her departing as she's so intelligent and hopefully she'll end up attending some elite college. Yuka will be turning 22 on May 8th and right around then is when her first photobook is coming out, bit surprised she's going to have one.

 Second batch of 'Uni's on Air' game pics and also the final ones for this post begins off with Hinano, with the new members she's no longer the youngest gal in Hina. Next two members are Haruyo and Marie, both celebrated birthdays on February 23rd and both are also nineteen in age. Last up for this post is Hiyori and she's the member who I would love to see have a photobook, am working on a solo post for her which I hope can be done by the end of the month.

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