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Monday, March 13, 2023

Rena Moriya: Her unparalleled and seductive "Egao no Guu, Choki, Paa" photobook scans


 There's something so special about that first photo, there may be better or more alluring pics in the book but that one is my fave! As mentioned in a Keya group post two days ago needed Monday off and can't do a post until later on Tuesday. But this post is being done on Monday for I wrote this up a few days ago and was planning on publishing at the Witching Hour! Hasn't Rena come such a long way in the last fourteen months? Until the end of 2021 I didn't know her that well, she had a few magazine spreads but not many other activities and was so quiet on their 'Soko' variety show. But Rena was so busy last year and had nine solo posts, her having this photobook was so unexpected but I'm so glad it happened, so aren't you viewers too! Rena was the center for Keya's latest single which hasn't been a massive seller but it may have some legs to it as the group begins their Spring tour next month.

 According to Oricon this photobook sold about 52,000 copies while it was on the charts but the total sold is definitely much higher. The book had two reprints so in all 100,000 copies were printed, bet so many books were sold during Keya's Autumn tour and those don't count for chart sales. Rena looks so fabulous in this book and was surprised at how many gravure photos there were but who's complaining! The photo shoots took place in Tokyo, Nagasaki and Okinawa, wonder when J-Pop Idols will begin going overseas again for their books? This was released on August 23rd of last year and books these days are getting much larger as this has 140 pages. On to the photos and have run out of superlatives for Rena who looks so enticing in these pics and she should have another solo post very soon.

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