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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Miyu Murashima: Her awe-inspiring first photobook "Mura Miyu" scans!!!!


 Just like I try doing a super duper post to end off a month also try to have a amazing one to begin a new month! This photobook was promoted as her first though in reality it's her second but first since just going by the name of Miyu. The other photobook was when she was with the J-Pop group CHERRSEE which she left in December 2020, forgot all about that book and does anyone want to see it posted? Not much left to say about Miyu who was by far the most popular woman here for 2022. Her posts last year averaged a record 1,960 views and sure that total is well over 2,000 by now, it's been a slow stretch the last month so guess(hope) that means a busy period is coming up.

 This book was released in December 7th by the Young Jump magazine, will wait at least three months before posting any book from a J-Pop Idol but not as long for a gravure model. Recall this photobook did well in it's first week out as it was the fourth best seller but can't remember what the sales were. Miyu hails from Osaka but the photo shoots for this book took place in Nagasaki and the Goto islands. Not much more to add in so let's get to the photos which total 98, of course it being Miyu you know the pics are cold shower inducing though think a few of her digital books may be a bit better.

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