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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Miku Kanemura: Her exalted fourteenth post....


 Not too large of a post but it's the first time I've ever been able to have back to back posts for women named Miku! The pair are similar in a lot of ways, both have become huge faves of you viewers and their birthdays are only two days apart though there's a one year age difference. Plus both have such tremendous photobooks and the pair could easily end up in the top five on this year's faves list. One other thing is that both are so attractive and alluring though in very different ways, hard to pick who I think is more attractive but I just may go with this Miku.

 All those pics above are from Miku's first photobook that was released on December 20th. Always wait at least three months before posting a '46' book so the plan was to have it on April 1st though there is another photobook I want to post so may wait another two weeks with this one. On to the new pics and her last post was done just three weeks ago so there aren't a huge amount of new things, one more post is needed to qualify for this year's faves list which will happen next month. First off are these recent IG pics though not nearly as many as usual.

 Those bottom photos were from when Hina was shooting a new CM for their 'Mysterious Library' web game, it's the second anniversary of it and have even more new pics from it here. After them is the new CM though Miku doesn't appear in it. Haven't done a group post for a while but will have at least one this month, lately the focus has been on the new fourth generation members... too much in my opinion.


 More new Miku promo game pics and these are for 'Uni's on Air'.

 Miku has been a model for Bis magazine since October 2020. These are some recent photos from their site though many are 'clean version's of the pics from their March issue.

 And here is that spread from the March issue of Bis but I prefer Miku's above pics as they don't have any graphics on them.

 That's Miku's only new magazine spread so let's have an encore viewing of one that was in her last post and she was the cover girl for the February 22nd issue of Weekly Shonen.

 Last up is this batch of photos from today's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show, their shows get better the closer it gets to warmer weather. The location was the Yoyogi National Stadium Gymnasium in Tokyo and Miku took her stroll on the Wego stage. No videos yet of Miku's stroll on the catwalk but after the pics have a short video from after the show with my top Hina member!

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