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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Minami Hamabe: Few more recent tidbits....


 Over eight lonely months without a post for Minami and now this makes three in five weeks! Am holding back one new magazine spread plus photos from an event that took place yesterday so expect yet another post in about ten days. That may bring a smile to some faces as for so long Minami was one of the most unpopular women here but that's really changed the last two years and could getting a bit older be a big reason? But after that next post have a feeling they'll be slowing down quite a bit again. Minami will be in a Asadora series beginning on April 3rd called "Ranman". Those morning dramas last for six months and there's a lot of filming for the major characters, Minami is one so though she'll be busy it'll mainly be for the drama.

 Minami will always be one of the youngest woman I post about but she's slowly getting up there in age. She'll be turning 23 at the end of August and it seems like eons since I first saw her in the "Kakegurui" drama from 2018, to me that's still her top series. Even though there's been two recent posts and am holding back come things do have about forty new pics and a goal of mine this year was to try making posts smaller which has been working out well enough. Minami has done so many CM's for Biore over the years, have her newest one after these pics.


 Because of that long gap in posts Minami didn't make last year's faves list which kind of bummed me out as I figured she would have made the top. So am really hoping because of the Asadora her next break with posts isn't too long as I want to see make this year's list. Have a pair of new magazine spreads with the first being from the April issue of Oggi, it's way too small and there's been a lack of modeling pics these last few months.

 Here's a bigger spread plus I think it's so much better, Minami was the cover girl for the March 1st issue of Anan. What I would love to see is another photobook, her first came out in October 2021 and to me that's been one of the top books the last few years.

 Minami has the lead female role in the "Shin Kamen Rider" movie that was released today and I've really enjoyed so many of those TV series. That above spread does have some promo pics for it and she plays the character of Ruriko who is a Kamen Rider. The film came out yesterday and will have photos from the premiere in her next post. On March 12th there was a red carpet event at the TOHO Cinemas in Roppongi Hills and didn't Minami look so terrific?!!!! Plenty of pics here from the event and after them is a short video which also features another huge fave of mine.

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