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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Miku Kanemura: Her esteemed fifteenth post....


 Have been saying would post Miku's photobook in April, will probably do it on the third. Always wait at least three months before posting a '46' members book, by then it'll have been 3 1/2 months. But actually had wanted to post a photobook from an ex-HKT member which I think most would enjoy more but in my eyes Miku's is slightly better. The problem with the other book is an odd one as it's.... too steamy(!) and that's never happened with an Idol book before. So let me mull over it for a while longer what I'll be doing with the book, have a feeling will have to leave some photos out and will explain everything in that post. 

 The 'Nao Year' begins on December 1st, this is Miku's seventh post since then and only one other gravure model can top that. It also means Miku has qualified for this year's faves list, don't think she'd be number one but then again no one else has broken away from the pack so perhaps there is a chance. It's only happened three times in the past when two or more members from the same J-Pop group have made the list, once with Nogi and twice with Keya. This year will make it a fourth time as I expect two gals from Hina to be in at least the top ten. Miku's last post was done less than three weeks ago yet still have close to fifty new photos such as these from her IG page.

 Hina's ninth single "One Choice" will be released on April 19th. Will try to have two group posts before then but will admit I prefer doing solo posts so much more.

 No center position for Miku though she was for the group's "Tteka" single which to me was one of their better ones. What I've been noticing as of late is the lack of new modeling pics at the Bis site, this is it for the past month.

 The promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game come out in the first week of a month and have already posted them. But do have some sharp looking newish Miku pics for Hina's 'Mysterious Library' game which just celebrated it's second anniversary.

 Miku hosted "Showroom" on March 9th and after these screenshots have the video from it, just once would like to see a subbed version.


 We've hit the end and for the finale have a super duper mag spread that's from the April issue of EX-Taishu. Miku was their cover girl and some of the pics are from the photo shoot, these days there's very few magazines Miku appears in when she isn't the cover girl.

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