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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Kyoko Fukada: "Kyoko 8203" photobook scans


 Sure 99.8% of you are expecting a certain kind of photobook so hope you're not too disappointed. Kyoko has nineteen photobooks(!) and most of the ones I've posted have featured so many steamy pics but you won't be seeing any of those today. This was her fifth photobook and Kyoko didn't begin to have gravure pics in them until her eighth one that came out in 2008. Before that most had themes to them such as celebrating a birthday, one for her fingernails(!), a book for her "Kamikaze Girls" movie, etc. I was a huge fan of Kyoko's before I saw any of her sweltering books and almost all have come out in the last decade. Have seen her in a combined total of fourteen dramas and films, just because she began to expose herself so much more in books didn't make me a bigger fan. So while most won't be into this book I think it's a decent set of photos and also interesting, don't know if I'm in the minority but think she looked better in her twenties which is a rare opinion for me.

 This book was released on April 4, 2003 and not quite positive what the title means as she was at the halfway point between her 20th and 21st birthdays. This book being almost twenty years old it's hard to find info about it, think she was celebrating both those birthdays as one and in November Kyoko will be hitting the age of 41. The photo shoots took place in the Autumn of 2002, at the time Kyoko was in the "Otousan" drama which was a show I really enjoyed, her older series are much better. In a few of the pics you'll see one of her castmates who is Naoko Iijima and did I really like her at one time! She was quite popular back in the 1990's/2000's as an actress and also was one of the first gravure model stars, wish she was ten or so years younger. On to this photobook which contains 86 pics and it's mainly for older Kyoko fans as it's nothing like her recent books. Kyoko has been a bit quiet the last three years but she does have the lead role in a current drama titled "A2Z".

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