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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Akari Suda: Just because I can never get enough of her.... the umpteenth version!


 Akari has been such a massive fave of mine for over five yeas but think I like more than ever these days! Not many out there seem to agree with that as the amount of views for her posts are decreasing but I never pay attention to that when it comes do doing posts for such huge faves! This is Akari's third post for March and that's never happened before, even having two in a month has only happened once or twice.... sadly those previous two posts have been the most unpopular ones for the month!

 Akari has been wise with her career decisions for after she graduated from SKE at the beginning of November she didn't take any kind of break which too many J-Pop Idols do, when that happens the public often forget about them. Can see Akari making the top ten on the yearly faves list for the third time this year but her being #1 is probably impossible. Would love to see it and though very active she's not as busy as others but we still have a long way to go in 2023 so let's see how things work out. Not too many newish pics but there's no one these days who I want to do a post for more than Akari. Have close to forty new pics, some older ones that have never been posted before plus some ancient mag spreads which I'm sure most viewers have never seen.

 Let's begin off with some real oldies which is this batch of SKE cards from 2015, there's so many old ones that have never been posted and it seems like a shame that they've been forgotten about.

 A few weeks back Akari released her first solo calendar. If I read things correctly there's going to be a pair of events for it at the beginning of May so may not have her next post until then, wonder why there's such a gap in time between it's release and some events?

 Three weeks ago Akari had a guest appearance on a drama, her first role on TV in over five years and I really want to see have a regular role in a drama. She did have the starring role in a stage play called "Bumblebee 7" that ended it's run two days ago. She looked so sharp in her attire and here's the link to an interview she did for the play with the Dwango site: Dwango interview

 Went back to some very old posts to get these two magazine spreads and how they've changed over the years!!!! Up until 2017 it was very common for a post to only have 25-30 pics, these days it's so rare when there's less than fifty! Know Akari isn't nearly as bodacious as most gravure models or other J-Pop Idols but she has some aura about her which has been so magnetic to me, I would put her in the second position on my list of all time hottest Idols! When there's no new magazine spreads will go back in time for one or two as I figure so few of you viewers have ever seen any of them. Have a pair of them for today which are both from 2014 and both get a grade of an A++++ from me! This first set is from the September 23rd issue of Young Champion.

 Akari was the cover girl for both of these ancient spreads and the other fabulous one for today is from the December 5, 2014 issue of Young Gangan.

 Usually end off an Akari post with pics from her IG page because they're so terrific! Will do that once again for today and this large batch are photos since Mach 1st, the ones at the bottom are from the "Bumblebee 7" play and they make my heart flutter out of control! After the pics is a short video promoting the play and it's one of her best ones ever, whewwww....

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