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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Haruka Kaki: A few recent tidbits....


 I truly thought this was going to be Haruka's fourth post but it's actually only her third, really believed that one was done for her in February but that didn't happen. Haruka's first ever post was done in early December which was for her tremendous "Massara" photobook, that may be the most popular post of the past four months. Post #2 was the final one done for 2022 and for so long thought her third was done last month but as mentioned that wasn't the case. So just about everything for today is from the last five weeks, did go back and see if anything was missed in January but that was a slow period for her. Haruka is now one of only three current Nogi members I do posts for and she really is such a likable young woman. So while there may be posts for only three current members still keep tabs on some departed ones and usually have 3-5 posts a month for them.

 That "Massara" photobook has been the best selling solo one for an Idol over the last 2 1/2 years so hope there's some plans for a few more of them! Let's get to things and as mentioned just about everything is from the past five weeks such as these IG photos but Haruka posts so few of them.

 Once a month Haruka hosts the 'Girls Locks' radio show for a week, the fourth week of the month is when she's the host and some pics from the March 23rd show.

 There's been a huge slowdown on Nogi cards the last year or so but do have some superb ones from February for their 'Nogi Fes' series and they're my favorite cards. Haruka tried out for Nogi in the Summer of 2018 and of course passed the auditions, she joined the group in November of that year. But two years prior she had had taken part in the auditions for Keya's second generation but didn't make the cut, wonder what would have happened if she did? Hmmmm, well she'd now be a member of Hina as Keya's second generation broke away in February 2019 and changed their name.

 What we don't see enough of is Haruka at events, she never attends those huge fashion shows as she's not a model for any site or magazine which is hard to believe. On March 4th she was a presenter at the seventh 'Crunchyroll Anime Award' show and sadly there were so few photos from it but least they get a grade of A+ from me.

 Triangle is a brand new magazine whose first issue came out on March 15th but it's so big it could almost considered to be a photobook. In it's first week out it did top the photobook chart for sales selling over 66,000 copies. Three Nogi members were in that first issue, of course Haruka was and this batch of pics is from the photo shoot.

 Will end off with Haruka's spread from the magazine, there were three different covers with each featuring one of the Nogi members. The second photo in this set is to me one of the top five pics of the year to date.... it really does leave me at a loss for words! Will skip having a video as there's been no new ones for Haruka the last few months and that's been the case for most '46' members.

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