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Friday, March 10, 2023

Yume Shinjo: A (too) little bit of this and that....


 Yume had no posts for seven months and this makes two in eight days(!) though who knows how long it'll be until her next one. We're six days shy of celebrating her first ever post here which was done on March 16, 2020 and would have thought her first post would have been before that. Was was just looking at the stats for Yume's posts since that first one was done and the amount of views they've received is staggering! They're so sky high wouldn't doubt if Yume has been the most popular woman here the last three years, she does have around twenty posts but know all wish that total was double. 

 As mentioned Yume's last post was done just eight days ago so there's not too many activities she's done since then but do have fifty new pics for today. Will begin off with this small batch from her IG page and she's never posted all that many photos there.

 Have seen Yume in two older dramas and bits of a third. Her current series is "Akai Ringo" which is one of the most oddest shows I've ever viewed and perhaps the most erotic too, in her last post had some screenshots from the first two episodes. Have some here from episodes three to five and a tad surprised Yume is doing a show like this as erotic could be an understatement! She plays the character of Misora who is a high school senior and also a popular actress, in real life she'll be turning 25 next month. The series is being subbed at NYAA and though the subject matter is a bit explicit all in all it's somewhat of a decent show.

 The setting is the year 2050 and the Japanese government has outlawed sex(!) plus things like love hotels, gravure models, adult videos, etc. Which means so many have sex on their mind as it's illegal to do it and there's many underground clubs set up for ones who want to do the deed. Misora is one sex crazed young woman who has been able to seduce everyone she's wanted save for her new high school friend Inuta, Misora has also had a sexual encounter with her teacher! Because of the storyline didn't want to recap the drama but thought would do a mini one in these posts and know many would want to view the screenshots. Things weren't as steamy in these three shows as the first two but as you can see the third episode began off with us fans needing a cold shower....

 Only other things for today are a pair of new magazine spreads but least both are good sized. This first set is from the March 13th issue of WPB and she did change her hair color for the drama. Yume had four or so terrific digital photobooks in 2021/22 but none for the last eight months, I think she looks so fabulous and would love to see a few for this year.

 Final batch of pics for this post features Yume as the cover girl for the March 21st issue of Flash and both spreads get an A++++ from me! No videos for these spreads so after the pics have one from 2020 for BLT, she didn't do any gravure photo shoots until three years ago. 

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