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Monday, March 27, 2023

BababaBambi: Their 2023 calendar digital photobook plus slightly more....


 First ever group post for BababaBambi and will try to have another next month with more info as this is kind of a quickie post. Up until now have done thirty posts for the seven members and really don't see the need to have many for the group. They did have four magazine spreads together last year but the member's mag spreads and photobooks are usually solo ones. Was a bit if a quiet stretch for them the first two months of 2023 but their activities seem to be picking back up and if you've never heard their music or viewed any videos recommend them as they're such a fun group which is a rarity these days.

 Above is the link to the group's site, glad I visited there for didn't realize their second mini album came out today! So will try to have that next group post much sooner than later, do have their first album and that's one I've really enjoyed. So all the members have had at least one post and their bio info is in them. Below are more photos of the members just in case you've forgotten who is who. Each have two pics and their names are on them, the colors are their group ones. Rui and Saeko have each had a mini digital photobook come out this month, will post one of them by the end of the week. My top member is the group's oldest who will be turning 26 on June 10th and that's Mio. I like her immensely and even did some posts for before BababaBambi debuted in July 2020. If Mio could ever increase her activities I could see her being my #1 fave of a year for that's how much I like her. 😍

 Lot of photos for this post but not much too info, as mentioned will have another group post somewhat soon and any group news always put in a member's post. Do have four magazine spreads from last year which have never been seen but will only have one for today as the other two things contain almost seventy photos. This spread is a bit dated as it's from the October 18th issue of Big Comic Spirits, it was the second time they had graced the magazine's cover.

 Do have a brand new spread and the seven grace the cover of the March 27th issue of WPB. They're the magazine that have released the two new digital books and also think they may have released the calendar which will be after this.

 Just did some checking and it was WPB that released this calendar which came out on March 6th. This is the first time I've ever seen a calendar book and hope this begins a trend as this is one tremendous set and at 52 photos a large one too. You will notice the months don't go in order but you can easily see which photos are the calendars. That was because of me, wanted to try to keep some sort of order to the pics so have all the members in a row and then the photos of the group together. Hopefully this post will get the gals a few new fans as I really enjoy this group, seems BababaBambi does have a somewhat core base of fans here as most of the solo posts have had a decent amount of views. After the pics have a short video for the above spread that's also promoting a group DVD, they have their own YT channel which I recommend checking out.

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