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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Miyu Murashima: 'Friday Digital' photobook scans though....


 .... very little else. This has been a slow stretch for Miyu, though it's her fourth post already this year all of the photo shoots for her magazine spreads and digital books took place last year. Been checking on her recent activities but there's really nothing going on which is often common for gravure models. They may have nothing new for 2-3 months then there's a pair of books and five magazine spreads in a short amount of time which I hope will be the case for Miyu.

 Know so many of you viewers want to see much more of Miyu also as last year she was the most popular woman I posted about and there was no one close to her! Last month did have a post for another digital book but know the photo shoot took place last year. Have a few recent photos from Miyu's IG page and this has been it since the beginning of February.

 Miyu has said she wants to do much more acting and did do three guest appearances on dramas last year but to date no regular role in a series. For this digital book there was a mini spread in the January 13th issue of Friday.

 On to the book which was released by the Friday magazine but it came out last November 28th and Miyu has had nine of these books in less than a year. This set contains fifty photos and of course Miyu looks so overly sweltering in them....

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