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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Hinatazaka46: The highly anticipated fifth post for.... Suzuka Tomita!


 Another potential huge fave who isn't easy to have posts for, wish the list was getting smaller instead of increasing! But just did a post for Suzuka less than two months ago for her 22nd birthday and if things work out well her next one will be in about three weeks. Hina's ninth single comes out on April 19th so I'm expecting(hoping) there will be a lot more things to post about the members. Do have some Suzuka things I'm holding back for that next post such as a new magazine spread and some game pics but bet there's over fifty new ones for today.

 This is Suzuka's fifth solo post in fifteen months, that's one every three months which isn't too bad but wish that pace could increase a tad so she could become eligible for the yearly faves list. Those first four posts only drew a so-so amount of views, know not having any gravure pics makes a huge difference in how many views a post gets. Suzuka is still my #1 when it comes to who I want to have the next Idol photobook and really wonder if it'll ever happen? Don't know why not and have to admit I'm really curious how Suzuka would look dressed a bit skimpy but I still like her immensely even if a book never happens. Lets begin off with some recent pics from the Hina group blog, very few members have opened their own IG page.

 Those top two pics above are of her holding a racing magazine. Suzuka had a feature on the "GO ON! Next" racing show but that ended on December 10th, wonder if it's because they don't have formula one racing in the Winter? Here's a brand new interview with the Sportiva site where she talks about racing and a few other subjects. These photos are from the site and there's many more there, here's the link to it: Sportiva interview

 Have some brand new Suzuka promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game, top four are for March and the others for February.

 More Suzuka game pics which are for Hina's 'Mysterious Library, the game celebrated it's second anniversary in February and did have the X-Mas pic in her last post.

 We've hit the end already, may have seemed like a smallish post but there were over fifty new pics and am holding back sixteen for her next post. Will be ending off with a super duper mag spread and it may be Suzuka's largest one which is from volume 21 of Platinum Flash that came out last week, some of the pics are from the photo shoot. Of course there's no new decent videos and that's been the case for most Hina and Keya members the last few months. But after the spread do have a Suzuka video from the "GO ON! NEXT" show that aired last August and there are many of them on YT.

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