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Friday, December 1, 2023

Seira Hayakawa: Her exceptional "Mata, Itsuka" photobook scans


 So while there were a lot of screenshots of Seira as Kanon from the "Borderless" drama this is her first ever solo post. For so long kept saying I would do a few for her and whenever I had plans to do that seemed something else popped up. Then when Seira announced she was graduating back in June thought why bother doing any for there may not be any besides those two or three but there was no way I was going to skip out on having this ultra fabulous book! Her graduation took place in July and not going to discuss what happened but in my eyes Seira went out on a high note. There's plenty out there about her leaving and what had taken place so you can draw your own conclusions after reading up on her. Maybe it's just me but I think in this book she looks so much like Maimi Yajima did when she was in the 22-24 year old range and that's a high compliment. Am wondering will this be the final Nogi photobook ever posted here? Seeing as how almost all of my favorite members have left there's a good chance of that. These days mainly just follow Minami and Haruka, both I like quite a bit and unless they have second books this could be the final one.

 The second and third pics above weren't in the book and were just outtake ones, they were so terrific had to include them. That bottom pic right above is just too perfect to describe and isn't that far away from being my #1 photo of the year! When Seira graduated in July she did say she was retiring from show biz but have a feeling she'll be making a return. Seira did do a lot acting outside of Nogi and seems she was better suited to be an actress versus a J-Pop Idol so hope we hear from her again. This book was released on August 29th which was five days after her 23rd birthday, always wait at least three months before posting a book from any ''46' member. The title of the book is "Mata, Itsuka" and the photo shoot took place in Singapore. The book was a so-so seller, most graduation books really don't sell that well. Think 35,000 copies were sold in week one, it was in the top ten for another week and think to date the sales are close to 50,000 copies sold. Let's get to the the pics and I really like the way Seira looks so it's a shame we'll probably never see her do a book like this again. The 'Nao Year' begins on December 1st which is today so this is the first post of the year, while I don't expect this to be the most viewed post for 2024 hopefully Seira can end up in the top ten.