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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Hinako Kitano: Her sizzling second photobook "Kibou no Hougaku" scans


 Writing this up on May 28th so while there may be a post or two below this is officially the first post for June and what a post to begin off with! Photobook #1 was released in December 2018 and at 62,000+ copies sold was a decent seller. This book sold 33,047 copies in it's first week which I thought was a bit too low considering the sweltering pics. But sales have remained somewhat consistent, don't know the exact total but think sales are close to 50,000 copies sold which these days are okay. But as I've said before think the advance pics may lower sales! That's because so many of them are released and usually the best ones so when you get the book you've already seen the top pics! That didn't happen too often years ago so what's with that change plus it didn't help that this was yet another graduation book and us fans are getting tired of them....

 Was going to make a few comments about Hinako's career but let me wait on that for a while. Will work on having another post by the end of the month which won't be easy but when you're such a massive fave of mine like Hinako is then anything is possible!!!! A week ago she did sign with a new agency which is a good thing, her first activity will be a stage play which isn't a good thing as those are dime a dozen these days for ex-Idols so will discuss those thoughts more in Hinako's next post. 

EDIT: Two days ago Hinako appeared at her first fashion show in four years and truly has never looked better(!), well, these pics though may top them! Don't want to have that next post too close to this one so expect it in about two weeks.

 I've run out of superlatives for that bottom pic which may be the most alluring one that's ever been posted here! Know she doesn't want to do it but then again perhaps Hinako has never thought of it. That's of being a gravure model and popular ones do make a decent income, much more than stage actresses. Hinako already has a following with her Nogi fan base so that would make her a popular model right off the bat and would hate to see those being her final gravure pics but her only other ones were for her first photobook. Then again I've never needed Hinako to dress skimpy, she'd remain a huge fave of mine and I would place her second on my list of all time Nogi members! Have noticed Nogi books are getting a bit larger, at one time they were between 85-90 pics and this book has 116. The PB was released on February 8th and wait at least three months before posting the pics from a '46' book. The photo shoots took place in Kagoshima and Tochigi, at first we didn't think it would be a graduation book but sadly it was. It's June 1st so wonder if there's enough time in the year for this to be the most viewed post of the year? That's all I have to say which as usual was too much and know all will enjoy these dazzling Hinako pics, whewwww....

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