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Friday, June 3, 2022

Maria Makino: Hopefully she hasn't been forgotten about already....


 Whew, it should be a crime that a photo should be as perfect as that top one(!), second pic isn't too shabby either! Yesterday was a bit of a rarity as there weren't any posts but guess this one could have been done. It's not a rarity when there isn't a post but it is when there's virtually nothing to post about, May had the most posts of any month this year and should have saved a few for June. Maria was first introduced at the beginning of February and had nine posts over the next eight weeks. Knew that pace wouldn't continue as over half the pics were ones from 2021 but this could be the first of 2-3 more posts. It's so hard for an Idol to have posts on a consistent basis as how busy they are often depends upon their groups, the only Idol in the last four years to average at least a post a month has been Risa and many will know why that is.

 This is Maria's first post in almost eight weeks and while she's Morning Musume's busiest member even she didn't have as many things going on as usual. So while this is a semi large post could have made it bigger but wanted to hold back some things for a few more future posts. As mentioned in previous posts Maria is a massive Baseball fan but very surprised she's not the host of any kind of show for the sport nor has she thrown out the first pitch at a game this year.

 What hasn't happened in ages is a Morning Musume group post but vow to work on some for this month. On June 8th their 70th single will be released which is titled "Chu Chu Chu Bokura no Mirai", these are the covers for it and also here's the link to the song's PV: 'Chu Chu Chu' video

 Maria used to post so many pics at the group's Ameba blog but has she slowed down on them! She does just as many entries but instead of new pics she has this ongoing story she's writing, these are the only pics since mid April.

 With two other MM mates Maria will be the cover girl for the July issue of UTB, will have her solo May spread soon and may have this July spread in a group post.

 No other solo spreads though and did expect a few considering MM has that new single coming out. But Maria does share the cover of the June 16th issue of Weekly Shonen Champion with her MM mate Rio, there's a few other group spreads that will be coming out soon.

 Ooops, almost forgot this small set of pics which are recent ones from the Bis magazine site.

 We've already hit the end as there hasn't been as many things from the past two months as usual. Maria's eighth photobook came out on February 2nd and included with it was a 65 minute DVD of the photo shoot. So have been including screenshots from the sweltering video, this brings us to the fifty minute mark so there will be just one more batch of them. No recent solo videos, there are some though which I would rather have in a group post. But there is a terrific video after the pics which is from a 2021 UTB photo shoot with a few other members, one is Mizuki and where's she been lately?


  1. Hoping she can give enough material for another post while promoting her new photobook compilation!

  2. I hope so too and she's been so quiet over the last few months so guess she's overdue for a busy period.