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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Miona Hori: Her quasi semi-triumphant return post #2!


 Three months without a post, now this makes a pair in four weeks and let's hope that can continue. As mentioned yesterday seems there's been more posts this year for graduates than current Nogi members, don't know if it's true but kid of thinking it is. So in two months will be starting on that second 'Top Twenty Faves of All Time' list and would think Miona has a spot locked up, know two other Nogi grads will be on it and perhaps a third. What's kind of odd is that there will probably be 8-9 J-Pop Idols on the list yet all will have graduated! Not sure what that means, the current Idols don't stack up to the ones from years ago?

 That's still my top trio pic and if the list was to be of 25 faves then her mates just might make the cut and they're still with their groups.... but for how long? Up until an hour ago didn't realize Miona was in a drama that began two weeks ago. It's titled "Risou no Kareshi" and in it she plays the character of Aoi who all of all things is an Idol! Discovered that the series is being subbed, two shows have been done so once a few more are completed will check the drama out. Miona did a June 9th interview with the MyNavi site for the drama and here's the link to it: MyNavi interview

 When Miona was with Nogi no member did a better job at keeping their blog updated with pics and info. She had a bit of a slump after her departure but is back to her usual ways as she's uploaded some superb pics the last month to her Instagram page.

 Miona is a model for the ar magazine but no spread for today though some fine pics from their site and she seems to appear in just every other issue.

 Hmmmm, did say that pic near the top with two other Idols was perhaps my top trio pic but then again it's tough to top this threesome....

 No new mag spreads for today and seems when a member graduates there's a huge decrease in them. So let's go back about a year for this set as she was the cover girl for the July 27, 2021 issue of Flash.

 Will end off with some overly pics of perfection from the May 14th 'Girls Award' show that was held at the Mukuhari Messe Hall in Chiba. Miona took her stroll on the Anna Sui stage and she still looks so super duper to me. Miona has her own YT channel and after the pics have her latest video, from there you can check out her other ones and there are quite a few videos at her site.

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