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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

"Imadoki no Wakai Mon wa" drama, episode six recap


 Air Dates: April 9th to May 28, 2022 on WOWOW, Saturdays at 10:30 pm
Subs were done by Deedlitmurata at DA, episodes are 25+ minutes in length
Also can be known by the title Young People Nowadays....

Main Cast: Wrote much of this up after only viewing the first show, some characters we didn't get to meet or know too well so will be updating this as time goes on.

Takashi Sorimachi as Hajime Ishizawa.... Chief of the Sales Department A at Mitsuhashi Shouji Trading company. He's a man close to fifty who is a bit quiet at the office yet the employees there dread Ishizawa and go out of their way to avoid him..... save for the rookie worker Ayumi! Ishizawa doesn't understand the younger generation so well which is a reason he's too quiet even though he's the chief of sales. Ishizawa has been with the company for almost 25 years and he also started out as a regular office worker. Ishizawa is also divorced and the rumor was it happened because he had an affair with a temp worker.

Haruka Fukuhara  as Ayumi Mugita.... Has only been at the company for a month and wonder why she's there? Ayumi went to college for Humanities and said she's very bad at numbers which she's proved over and over which in the beginning infuriated her senpai Funaki. But Ayumi never stops trying and the chief Ishizawa for some reason has grown quite fond of her.

Kaito Nakamura as Shun Funaki.... Works a bit closely with Ayumi at the office and at first was always upset with her performance until Ishizawa set him straight. Funaki's problem is that he's a perfectionist and expects others to be too, will his ways come back to haunt him?

Takashi Fujii as Ryoji Ebisu.... Chief of Sales Department B who had been trained by Ishizawa twenty years ago. He's a very strict man to work for and most employees dislike him though Ebisu does try to help everyone hut has a hard time communicating.

Masato Hagiwara as Hiroshi Kazama.... Is still at the company but unsure what his current position is, he's been Ishizawa's best friend for many years.

Ayame Misaki as Sanako Inukai.... Female worker at the office who oversees the work of Ayumi and Funaki.

Atsushi Shinohara as Hideki Kora..... Older male worker at the trading company who refuses to ever work overtime.

Ami Tomite as Hitomi Mugita.... Ayumi's older sister who also lives in Tokyo but the pair seem to have grown up far from the city.

Karen Otomo as The Mysterious Woman.... That's what she's called as she may never have a name? This woman is in her early twenties and Ayumi was wondering is she having an affair with her boss? The answer to that is no as we learned in the fourth episode her name is Mii-chan and is the daughter of Ishizawa.

On the right is Funaki but the more important person is Ishizawa on the left, that saying "Jeez, young people these days...." is one he utters quite often in an episode. In this episode alone took four screenshots of him uttering that soon to be famous line!

 Links to the previous recaps:


 To date these have been stand alone stories for the episodes but Sanako's forced leave to care for her parents continues on from the last show. She had one heavy case load and as her chief Ishizawa found out it's not so easy to fill Sanako's shoes. He himself took on a project for Nishishiba Electric and drafted Ayumi to help him out with the account. By now Ayumi has probably been at the Mitsuhashi company for close to three months but she still has a lot to learn and even the things she does know seems to take her much longer to do compared to others at the office. So on this project Ayumi pulled yet another all-nighter and Ishizawa had a strong feeling this would happen but at least tis time around Ayumi completed a project and to Ishizawa's surprise it actually looked perfect. However working late so many nights has caught up with Ayumi who was practically sleeping on her feet, Ayumi knew she needed some sort of pep break to revive her and tried dashing off to wherever but in her haste slammed hard into Ishizawa sending both flying to the ground!

In the last recap said one of the positives about this drama is that it's been so believable and has been a regular life show many of us can relate to. That is save for a scene which was this one for a very odd event happened after Ayumi crashed into her chief Ishizawa.... somehow the spirits of their bodies transferred into the other person! So Ayumi now has the body of Ishizawa though it's still her own brain and vice versa! Who knows how something like that could occur but for now the pair said to just live out the day pretending to be each other and at least both learned what the other has to go through each day. Especially Ishizawa who never knew the mundane tasks Ayumi had to complete each day though it was somewhat humorous when he was laughing reading her mangas. Least Ishizawa had done that kind of work before so he didn't have any problems during the day doing those tasks. Same can't be said for Ayumi as her boss as so many employees at Mitsuhashi looked towards Ishizawa for answers plus he seemed to have so many daily meetings. Sanako's time off didn't last more than a few hours as she made a return and she did bail out Ayumi as Ishizawa at one of those meetings.

 By the end of the work day this 'transformation' ceased as the pair's spirits reverted back to their own bodies. But there was one more event before that happened and it had to do with Ayumi meeting up again with a man named Takenaka who we met in the third show. He's an old timer who still believes that business deals should be made while drinking heavily at a bar/restaurant. Ayumi was uncomfortable with those kinds of situations and at the time Ishizawa told her not to attend those drinking sessions if it made her feel that way. Takenaka made a return and once again wanted to settle the details of his project with another night of drinking, unknown to him he was talking to Ishizawa at the time! This man Takenaka was put in his place by Ishizawa as didn't Takenaka know that activities such as that are considered harassment these days?! That term when someone brings a person(s) out to do deals drinking booze is called Corporate Entertainment. Takenaka didn't know what to say and wondered why was a vey young woman berating such an older man(?), of course it wasn't Ayumi spewing out those words and never did learn what the outcome of the deal was,

 So mentioned that Sanako's leave of absence was brief as she returned the afternoon of that eerie body switching of Ayumi and Ishizawa. The following day things were back to normal or were they? Seems over the past few months Sanako has developed a crush on her underling Funaki, we learned in this show she's his and Ayumi's supervisor. Not much escapes the eye of Ishizawa but Sanako's feelings towards Funaki did, that is until Sanako asked her chief what to get Funaki for his upcoming birthday? Hearing that news stunned Ishizawa but he can keep things hidden well and at first had no clue what kind of gift to give Funaki. He's considered to be a 'clean freak' and is also very anal about what he eats. But Ishizawa knows he has a sweet tooth so he asked his daughter Mii-chan what would be a nice present. She suggested some expensive organic chocolate which Ishizawa told Sanako about, of course it was his idea! So Sanako did take her chief's advice on the chocolate but was a bit too shy to give Funaki the whole box of them. She ended up giving one piece to many at the office and saved Funaki's for last as a birthday gift, that was the last we heard of Sanako's crush in this episode.

 Every episode is cut up into three 8-9 minute scenes or stories, two were discussed and the last scene had to deal with Kazama though he wasn't in it. We've still only seen Kazama here and there over the course of this show, he began at Mitsuhashi the same time Ishizawa did and seems Kazama's current position may be a higher one. The situation is that a woman in his department named Yamashita is accusing Kazama of touching her improperly and making lewd comments. The Personnel Department of Mistsuhashi is conducting an investigation and they brought in everyone from Ishizawa's sales department to give their views and info on Kazama. And most put the man in such a bright light, he may do things an odd way but Kazama cares so much for all of his employees. So though many in Kazama's unit may feel uncomfortable at times around him none really had a bad thing to say about the man save for that one woman Yamashita and there's a reason for that.

 Funaki's testimony was the icebreaker as far as this accusation went, did the Personnel Department know much about Yamashita? They didn't and it seems that this woman has had a crush on Kazama for so long but he's refused her advances as he's happily married, to a woman he proposed to on the street!!!! Plus Funaki has heard stories that Yamashita had been calling Kazama's house and leaving threatening messages to his wife. So with that testimony and what others had to say about Kazama as a person it looks like this case was dropped. After writing the above paragraph viewed the seventh show and there was no mention of this harassment case. So this show ended on a good note as though Kazama can be a bit irritating at times he seems like a decent man. He'll get a lot of screen time in the next show which has to do with the an important event him and Ishizawa went through sixteen years ago and that's the next post.

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