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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Nana Asakawa: Is it a case of.... 'Absence makes the heart grown fonder?'....


 .... or 'out of sight, out of mind'? I think it's a combination of the two, haven't completely forgotten about Nana but have to admit I wasn't thinking of her too often these last two years. She had a very busy stretch from July 2017 to December 2019 with 22 posts, only one since then which was in March 2020. So that means it's been close to 27 months since her last post, it's wasn't a case of Nana disappearing but she seldom appeared at events or in mags, the new spread to end the post off is her first set of gravure pics since late 2019. That coincided with Nana leaving the Super ✩ Girls J-Pop group, I think her and four others were forced out of the group at the beginning of December 2019 and that made no sense as she may have been their most popular member.

 Speaking of popular that's what Nana was during that 2 1/2 year stretch of having posts. The amount of views her posts got were staggering and she just may be the in the top five here for most popular women. So know viewers are hoping this isn't a one time deal with a post and there will be more coming up, would think at least one more is on the horizon but after that am unsure and will explain why at the end. So during this thirty month gap with no gravure spreads Nana has kept very busy as an actress, she's appeared in so many things and especially dramas. She was in about five low budget horror flicks from 2017 to 2019 and often had the lead role in them, have only found one subbed but now that she's back in my mind will be searching harder.

 Have seen her in a pair of dramas from the past two years and one of them is "Josei Kousei no Mudazukai" from 2020. Was wondering why I never recapped the series as the four shows I watched were so entertaining and very off the wall. At the time only those shows had been subbed but last year think the whole series may have been completed which I just found out about so let me work on that show and though it's a bit late would like to recap the seven episode series. Nana with short hair looked so different though will guiltily admit Yui was the main reason I had for viewing it....

 Nana used to have a Line blog but stopped doing posts in August 2021, these pics are from it. She never did post all that many pics but did write quite bit in each post and I always noticed she's such an articulate young woman.

 Last year Nana only had three mag spreads and have two of them for today as she was the cover girl for the August 10th and 17th issues of Weekly Ascii.

 Nana had many web photobooks from the years 2016-10 but only three regular ones. That will be increasing soon and her last one was released on September 26, 2019 which was titled "Re:Birth", few overly sweltering pics from it....

 That photobook total will soon be increasing to four as on June 29th she'll be releasing "Growth" which is celebrating her ten years in the entertainment industry. Oooops, forgot to mention that on April 3rd she hit the age of 23. So with that new photobook I expect there to be many more new spreads to promote it. This fabulous set is Nana's first gravure spread since late 1019 and she's the cover girl of the June 20th issue of WPB which features some outtake pics from the book. No recent videos so after the pics have an oldie which also has two other faves... sigh, to be stuck in the middle of them....


  1. Where's the 2nd picture from the top from?

  2. Can't recall the magazine but sure it was from a 2019 spread promoting her "Re:Birth" photobook. You can tell it's an older pic by her hair length.