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Friday, June 10, 2022

Mizuki Yamashita: Her effulgent 20th post!!!!


 We need a few more sizzling pics like those above, where is that second photobook? Speaking of books will have a Nogi one this Sunday and though many won't end up agreeing I think it could be the best book from any member!!!! As mentioned a few times it's been a bit of a slow stretch for Nogi posts though there's been plenty for Keya and Hina over the last few months. So many of my top Nogi members have departed there's so few left who I would consider to be faves and there's actually been more posts for graduated members then current members the last five months. 

 Don't or won't ever do posts for the fourth or fifth generation members so that means I'm down to six from the first three generations who you may see in posts. What's been a bit disappointing the last few years is how the group doesn't do nearly as many activities as they once did together. Someone like Mizuki is quite busy appearing in dramas, attending events, doing modeling, etc. but she does most things solo. Seems the members aren't as close as they once were though the third generation gals are to an extent, seems the other two '46' groups are much closer or perhaps even friendlier with each other.

 What's been lacking in posts this year are magazine spreads, not just for Nogi but most of my bigger faves. There's been just as many for gravure models so why the decrease for others? Don't have any for today but still have a good amount of new pics with most being tremendous, have now found out that I don't need to rely on spreads as much these days. Hmmm, here's a pairing that's a bit odd though fabulous and it's from the March 21st 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show. As mentioned Mizuki appears in so many outside dramas and she's been in many the last few years. She'll be in Haruka's Asadora "Maiagare!" that starts up this Autumn and hope to see more of them together.

 Have done about fifteen 'Pairs Posts' for the '46' groups but one thing never done is a post with two members from different groups. Perhaps the first could be with Mizuki and her Hina mate Shiho who have so many pics together, hope to have a post for her within the week.

 Both are models for the CanCam magazine and did share a spread in their May issue, here's some recent Mizuki pics from their site. That bottom pic is quite terrific and it reminded me that her 23rd birthday will be coming up on July 26th.

 Few pics from the last month or so from Mizuki's Instagram page and so few members these days post on Nogi's group blog.

 The Nogi card series 'Nogi Fes' is turning out to be such a fave of mine as their pics are always so super duper, not as many new ones as usual but least they all rate an A++++.

 Mizuki s a model for the Peach John lingerie line but you don't see her dressed skimpy in their pics. In her last post had some pics for their Spring collection but no new ones since then. But do have this batch which are from the photo shoot for the Spring collection and may have a video at the bottom.

 Better late than never with this final set of pics which are from the Spring/Summer 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show that was held on March 21st. Mizuki took her stroll on the 'F Int' stage and their next show will be held on September 3rd. After this batch have a stupendous new Mizuki video for Peach John's Summer collection so those pics should be coming out soon.


  1. Though I like Mizuki and prolly my 2nd fave member after Shiori in 3rd gen, I'd say the best PB that came out from Nogi by far is Shiraishi Mai's Passport PB. That PB is phenomenal and the current sales itself speaks for it

  2. Can't argue with you picking that as your top PB as many agree with you, it is one dazzling set of pics. No one is ever wrong with who or what they like the most, my top two books are the ones from Minami and Misa which many others may not agree with.