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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Hinatazaka46: A little(huge) bit of this and that for 2022 #12....


 A semi trend I've noticed this year is that about every sixth week seems to be such a slow stretch for the faves I want to do posts for and no clue why that's been happening. It's one of those periods right now which is why there wasn't a post yesterday but after one of those slow stretches comes a very busy period so guess overall things do even out. Not as lage of a group post as usual for today though there may be seventy new pics. No recent mag spreads but think 3-4 will bee coming out within the week. Also don't have a mini recap for the group's 'Aimashou' show as I had caught up with the subbing team and wanted to let them get a few episodes ahead. Shiho's last solo post has been immensely popular and how I wish there's been more of them over the years. She should be having the group's next member post which I hope will be by the weekend.

 That bottom pic is a new one from the Lawson site and also have the link to it. The conbi store has some special promotions in June for the group where you can pick up some free stickers and such, wonder why my local stores don't have those kinds of Hina freebies???? Hina's seventh single "Boku Nanka" sold well in it's first week out as the total amount of copies sold was 442,000+. That was only 20,000 less than Nogi's last single "Actually" sold in it's first week and really thought this would be the time for Hina to finally outsell Nogi. It didn't happen but the gap has really closed though it's more of a case of Hina's sales remaining steady which is good while Nogi's have plummeted.

 It's nice to have mag spreads for a post as their pics are usually quite good. But they don't make or break a post as the pics for today all rate an A++++ and there's a good variety of things. First off are the combo of Konoka and Suzuka, did a 'Pairs post' for the duo in January which was just so popular but can't think of any other twosomes to have those kinds of posts for, well perhaps the Sasaki gals. This set of pics are from the Crank site as these close friends did an interview for the new single, they also did some for two other sites: Crank interview

 Wish I could have more solo posts for Ayaka who is just so darn attractive but sadly it's not possible, this batch here are recent pics from the Hina blog.

 Mirei has been a Non-no model for over two years and have some new pics from their site. Along with Kumi the duo may have that next 'Pairs post'.

 Speaking of member posts, though we weren't, will try to have the first ones ever soon for Akari. Not many recent things but her first photobook is coming out at the end of July so we should be seeing a lot from her. Also coming out in July will be Hina's second documentary, their first came out in August 2020. The documentary is one that will be shown in theaters and the official release date is July 8th. On May 31st Miku and Hinano were at a press conference to announce the release of the film. Also there was Hina and never realized how short she was until she stood next to other members. Will have the pics for her photobook in July too and these pics are from that press conference.

 Who I want to see have a photobook is Hiyori but doubt if that would happen. She's a model for the With site and have some really super duper new pics from the magazine. Perhaps I should say ex-mag as they no longer have print editions and May was their last regular issue.

 Will end this post off with some brand new promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game that came out last week, think I'm caught up with all of their April/May pics for the game. First off is Miho who will be graduating in seventeen days and will work on having her first ever solo post. After her are four pics of Manamo and I really like the way she looks but like too many others hard to have a solo post for her but she has had one. All members have four pics and the final two gals are Hiyori and Yuka. Didn't mention Haruyo in this post and think she's the one member who I tend to overlook. So after the pics have a short video from May 31st and it's of her throwing out the first pitch at a Yokohama Baystars game, for a change she was someone who threw the ball over the plate.

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