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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Yuki Yoda: Another in the line of overdue posts....


 Had wanted to do this post a month ago though it wasn't possible at the time, could have dome it a week ago but good thing it didn't happen as I've been struggling for regular posts lately. Been down a bit on Nogi the last year or so as many fans have noticed and that's mainly because of my bigger faves have left, to me they shouldn't even call themselves Nogi these days. But there are a handful of members who I still do like and at this point would have to say Yuki is my top member. Biggest reason for that is of all the work she does outside the group and it wouldn't shock me too much if she was the first major third generation member to graduate. Last year Yuki made her first appearance on the yearly top twenty faves list finishing in the 16th position. Been a slowish stretch for her as of late which will be changing and I could see her ending up around the fifth spot this year with a busy second half of the year, she'd also be the only active Nogi member to make the list.

 It's been 27 months since Yuki's second photobook was released, don't we deserve a third one?! Had wanted to do this post on May 5th as that's when Yuki celebrated her 22nd birthday but there just weren't enough things for a post at that time, have a fair amount of new pics for today though wish there were more. No new Nogi birthday cards for this year and have noticed that's been the case for all members but do have some pics from older birthdays....

 Few recent Instagram pics and the first was from her 22nd birthday.

 Few months back recapped Yuki's drama "Saiai no Hito: The Other Side of Nihon Chinbotsu", that aired at the end of 2021 and was a spin off from another drama. I thought it was a decent series, Yuki had the lead role in it and to me she's a solid actress. She's going to have another lead role which will be in the drama 'Ryosangata Riko' that begins on July 1st. Will have more info in Yuki's next post which should be shortly before the drama begins as she should be doing some promoting for it, it's a series that I will recap if it gets subbed which should happen.

 Am going to hold back a few pics for that next post just in case there aren't too many new things but after a semi break would expect her to be busy again. Three weeks ago Nogi held a pair of tenth birthday concerts and a few first generation members made an appearance on the second day....

 Never knew how close those two were and what I may work on is a 'pairs post' for that duo, they have many more pics together than I realized.

 What there's been a shortage of the last year has been Yuki modeling pics, at one time she was a model for at least four sites/magazines. It could be down to just two these days, one is for the Bis magazine and these are some recent pics from their site.

 As you can see in these newish pics Yuki is letting her hair grow a bit longer again. Back in June 2020 she had it cut for the first time in five years on a 'Nogizaka 46 Hours TV' segment, right now it's longer than it was a year ago but not nearly as long as it was in 2020. To me the 'Nogi Fes' card series is their best and think they have four current sets of cards, these are from the last two months.

 For that next post am holding back Yuki's newer 'Nogi Koi' cards and one mini mag spread. Will end off with this set from the February issue of Young Magazine, it is a weekly mag but they also have a monthly edition. Didn't go back and check but am about 95% certain that this set hadn't been posted back then and what a shortage of Nogi spreads the past year. Not many videos the past few months but after the pics have a new one from Bis and the photo shoot for their July issue, that's the spread I'm holding back.

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