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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Minami Umezawa: Her beyond radiant "Yume no Chikaku" photobook scans.... #1 of all time?


 Well, not number one of all time yet but that could happen and this book is definitely in my top five. Sure most are shaking their heads but when you view these pics perhaps you'll change your minds! Minami does have a good sized fan base here but for the most part her posts over the last 1 1/2 years have drawn less views than any Nogi member, also less than any Hina or Keya gal. But to me Minami is just hotter than hot and for over two years have been saying she's been my most sexiest/alluring Nogi member ever and these pics will show you why! Been a couple of months since the last post for Minami as like my other faves from Nogi she's slowed down a bit on her activities.

 Have often talked about having some sort of list for my top Nogi photobooks. Will do it this year but unsure when, it'll either be in mid July or October and that's because will be doing my 'All Time Top Twenty Faves' list in August and September. Would probably have ten books on the list but was also thinking of making it for all '46' groups. then it'd be sixteen. Know it sounds funny but to date have posted 46 regular member books and to me this is #1 without a doubt.

 That pic right above wasn't in the book and was an outtake one. To me that's hard to believe as that pic is so stupendous and why wouldn't it be in the book?!?! Back in 2020 a trio of third generation members released a book and those combined sales are close to 520,000 copies sold. This book has sold about 110,000 copies and the question is why haven't any of them had a book since then??!?! This beyond perfect set of pics was released on September 29, 2020 which was four days after Minami's "Eizouken' film came out. The photo shoot took place on the Gold Coast of Australia and the natives there are still in a state of shock since her visit!!!! This book has 125 pics, hopefully this will increase Minami's fan base and have run out of superlatives for her....


  1. i always thought that eto misa is the hottest nogi member ever but umezawa just blows her out of the water

  2. Underrated PB for sure. Hope she releases a 2nd PB soon

  3. Hope that happens too along with a pair of other 3G members. Glad to see Misa's name hasn't been forgotten, she was my hottest member until Minami came around and also had my top Nogi book until this one was released.

  4. Ume deserve more than the world. Has been fall in love with her since the very first time