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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Hinatazaka46: A little(huge) bit of this and that for 2022 #13....


 This is just the second group post this month which really surprises me, with their new single coming out on June 1st figured there would have been five by now but that's very far from the case. For the first time ever am starting off with a pair of Akari pics, she's never had a solo post but will admit she has deserved a few and will try to have two posts in July. That's because her first photobook will be coming out a month from now and those above are two promo pics for it. She's really turned into one of Hina's more popular members and thinking back on it Akari would have been a perfect choice to center their last single. Of course these two next pics belong to the member Hina and a week from now will have a post for her first photobook. That came out at the beginning of March so a four month wait until posting the pics should be long enough, what a huge book it is.

 Two days ago Miho's farewell concert was held but don't have anything about her for today though should in some future posts. She's one of those members I've neither liked nor disliked, she's seems okay to me but there's many more members who I liked so much more. "Boku Nanka" is the title of Hina's seventh single which came out on June 1st, after three weeks it's sold a little over 467,000 copies. That's a bit more than single #6 but less than their fifth, don't think it matters that much these days who centers a '46' single as sales are relatively the same. The title track is decent but do prefer a few of the other songs on it a bit more.

 On July 8th Hina's second documentary will be released to theaters, hopefully there will an event or to for it. As usual have a little bit of everything today save for any events as there's only been one of them the last few months. Been a long time since there's been a solo post for Konoka but hopefully can have one next month, she had four posts back in November and December. She's be the cover girl for the Summer issue of Top Yell and these are some recent pics from the Hina blog.

 More pics from the Hina blog with Mei, she'll be turning 24 in August and most of the first generation members are that age or older so when will the wave of graduations be starting?

 Hiyori will be in her first stage play that will open on July 14th, it also stars one of the few AKB members I like these days. "Odd Taxi" is the title of the play and here's an interview she had with the Model Press site, it just came out last week but the interview took place after the May 14th 'Girls Award' show. Have the link to it and until now never realized she's tied with Kumi in being Hina's second tallest member: Model Press site

 Speaking of Hina's captain Kumi not much for her today save for these new pics from the Ray site but least she really looks so superb in them!

 In every issue of Friday the group has a two page feature called 'Hina-Satsu', these are from the last four issues. 

 Hina will have a large spread in the next issue of Brody which I think comes out next week, these are some outtake pics from it.

 Just one regular spread for today which is from the June 8th edition of Weekly Shonen Sunday. Hinano is the cover girl and think that's the first time she's had that honor.

 Can't think of the last time there weren't promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game in a group or solo post. Have the June pics today for a quartet of members, each member has four pics with the first two belonging to the first generation members Mei and Ayaka. Another 1G member follows them who is Mana and the final gal in the batch is Mikuni. She's Hina's tallest member at 170 cm, she's tied for second place with a Nogi gal in being the second tallest '46' member.

 Following this batch of pics is a short promo video for Hina's second documentary which will be released on July 8th. For the longest time ended these group posts off with a mini recap of their 'Aimashou' variety show but the last two posts didn't have one. Had caught up with Team Hinata Subs who sub the series plus the members didn't appear in two May shows. But have a very mini recap today for episode #160 that aired on May 22nd and for the first time ever really didn't enjoy a show.

 It was the first part of the group's 'Hit Prayer Campaign' to promote the new single, seeing as how I didn't enjoy this all that much won't be having screenshots for part two. If there's one thing I truly HATE is when the members of any '46' group wear masks on their shows which was the case in this and the next episode. I may have liked it more if they hadn't worn them and can't understand why they did as aren't the members always together? The challenge was to create a 105 second promo video for the new single, there were four teams who all went to a different area of Japan, in this episode was just saw two of the teams. Usually take well over fifty screenshots but just 38 for this show as I don't like taking them with their masks on, these screenshots should explain the story well enough.

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