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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Nanase Nishino: A little bit of this and that....


 At about forty new pics this is not a large post but thought why hang on to them, with any luck there may be another by the end of the month. This also marks Nanase's sixth post of the year and there has been a slowdown with them in 2022. But that six means she's eligible once again for the yearly faves list and slowly but surely the total amount who have qualified is getting up there.

 But the more important list will be for the second 'Top Twenty Faves of All Time' list and the countdown will start in less than two months. For the most past have who will be on the list figured out, sixteen definite woman as of now and then a mini battle for the remaining four but still have seven weeks to work on it. Of course Nanase will be making an appearance and at one time thought she'd be in the running for #1 but that's not going to happen. So she could finish anywhere from fifth to eighth and as mentioned a few times before Nanase is a rarity as I like more since she left her group and can only think of one other fave that's happened to.

 Think there will be three ex-Nogi members on that list, there's a possibility of there being a fourth but don't want there to be too many Idols in the top twenty. Then again they do get a lot of posts and will discuss those thoughts in a pair of intro posts for the list which will be done at the end of July. Nanase is currently in a drama that I'm skipping, her first rom-com and how I can't stand those plus the reviews for the show have been less than stellar. But she has the lead female role in a film coming out this Friday titled "Koi wa Hikari" which is a romance movie but one also looks a bit interesting. Some pics here from the TV Bros. web site for the film and the link to the interview: TV Bros. site

 Another set of interview pics which Nanase has done for the film, these are from the QJ Web site and the link to that too: QJ Web interview

 After being a model for almost seven years Nanase left the Non-no magazine which kind of disappointed me. Her site pics for them were always superb plus she appeared in almost every issue. She's now a model for the Tods site but not nearly as many pics.

 Another negative not being with Non-no is that it means many less magazine spreads, like most others there's been a shortage of them this year. No new ones for today so let's go down Memory Lane again for this fabulous set from the September 9, 2020 issue of Big Comic Spirits.

 Last up for new Nanase pics are from an event that took place today for the "Koi wa Hikrai" movie which will also have it's premiere in three days. The main cast appeared at the Daijingu Shrine in Tokyo to have a blessing for the film. You'll see Fumika in a few of the pics and where has she been as of late? After the pics is a short video of the event.

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