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Monday, June 20, 2022

Miona Hori: A little bit of this and that....


 Been a while since I've done a 'List Post' but will have one this weekend. It'll be for what the most popular posts were for the first half of the year, that's by how many views they've received or in other words which posts you viewers have enjoyed the most. One woman I know who won't be on that list is Miona but her posts have become more consistent than anyone else here. Her last five posts have all gotten between 505 to 565 views and that's kind of hard to believe, so it appears she does have a high fan base here but just hasn't been able to increase it. Like most ex-Nogi members her posts get less views than when she was with the group, only one has bucked that trend.

 Also at the end if June is when I've often had the first preliminary list for this year's faves to date. Won't be doing one for as of now there's no way I could create a list as at this point don't know if I could name who my #1 for the year is so far. Two years ago Miona did finish in the second position on the list but don't think she'll be in the battle for number one this year. However she will easily make the list and this would make five consecutive years for Miona and only three others can say that.

 Just had a Miona post nine days ago so obviously that means this won't be a large post. Have two new mag spreads which are both terrific and thought why let them get dated? So all in all about forty new pics and a few oldies that hadn't been posted, first off are these IG pics from the last week.

 The oldies are some Nogi cards and not sure how I missed some of these. There's ten altogether with the first five being for her graduation, at the time there were grad cards with other members but had wondered why Miona didn't have any? Well she did and here they finally are with the others being from the now forgotten Nogi digital single "Route 246".

 Miona is in a current drama titled "Risou no Kareshi", I will view the show but it wouldn't be until July as there's one series that needs to be finished but have a backlog of other things. For the drama she did an interview with the Model Press site and here's the link to it: Model Press site

 Now on the main reason for this post which are those two Miona mag spreads. This first set is from the August(!) issue of Larme and the bottom four pics are from the photo shoot. Miona is still a model for the ar magazine but not many pics from them lately.

 Miona must still be popular as she's the cover girl for this final set that's from the June 28th issue of Flash, bottom three are bonus pics. There's a video after the pics which isn't subbed but there is a version which I've viewed a few times. It's one of Miona with her other second generation mates having a mini graduation party for her, there's soon to be only one 2G member left!!!!

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